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Bahamas Yacht Charters

The Bahamas are a pristine yacht charter destination with over 700 islands and a variety of itinerary possibilities in a 100,000 square mile cruising area. Only a short plane hop from the United States. When we first cruised here, we had spent years in the Caribbean so we expected more of the same.  How wrong we were! 

Although proximate to the U.S., once you set sail from Nassau or Marsh Harbor you feel miles from nowhere.  You can be the first one to make footprints in the sand every day.  Often, your yacht is the only one in the anchorage. The coral reefs are teeming with a kaleidoscope of fish. The sport fishing is world class, and the beaches are unspoiled and inviting.  A Bahamas yacht charter is a snorkeling, diving and scuba paradise.

The most popular itinerary is to fly into Nassau and cast off on an Exumas Yacht Charter.

Exumas Yacht Charters: Known as the out islands of The Bahamas, the Exuma Islands are a 100-mile long necklace of small off-the-beaten track islands, lying about 50 miles south and east of Nassau.  In fact, there is an island for every day of the year - 365 of them. The crystalline waters are among the most beautiful in the world, shimmering a rainbow of aqua, teal, emerald, indigo and sapphire. The local people are warm and welcoming.

Abaco Yacht Charters: The Abacos are a group of two dozen or so islands in the northeast part of the Bahamas. Elbow Cay and Green Turtle Cay were settled by British loyalists who escaped the United States during the Revolutionary War, and the villages have colonial architecture sprinkled with Bahamian pastels. Treasure Cay has miles of spectacular beaches including one of the top ten beaches in the world. Short sailing distances from island to outpost, consistent winds, sparkling waters, and stunning scenery make this an ideal destination.

Bimini Yacht Charters: Bimini equals sport fishing extraordinary! It sits right on the edge of the Gulf Stream and holds about 50 world class fishing records. Bimini, is actually two islands, North Bimini and South Bimini and is the closest Bahamian island to the United States - only 50 miles away. Over the years, it has hosted rum runners, drug smugglers, Hemingway, Blackbeard, and shiploads of privateers and pirates.

Today, you'll find lovely beaches, conch shacks, an upscale resort or two, and waters that shimmer 50 shades of green and blue. As one of Hemingway's characters described what to do on the islands, "Swim, eat, drink, work, read, talk, read, fish, fish, swim, drink, sleep."


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FAQs About Bahamas Yacht Charters

What is the weather in the Bahamas?
The year-round temperature in The Bahamas is from high70s to high 80s. December to March can have a cold front come through with temperatures dipping in to 60s.

When is the best time to go to the Bahamas?
March through July as well as November are ideal months. Peak hurricane season in August through October. Many people still charter during those months. Tips on Chartering during hurricane season.

Can my charter yacht pick me up at any island in the Bahamas?
Most yachts are based in Nassau

Can my charter yacht pick me up in Florida?
We recommend that you fly to The Bahamas and have the yacht pick you up there. The Gulf Stream runs between Florida and the Bahamas and sea conditions can be very uncomfortable. Plus you waste valuable vacation time transiting to the Bahamas.
How do I get to the Bahamas?
Most major airlines fly to Nassau with direct flights from many Eastern seaboard cities.

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