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Croatia Yacht Charters

Croatia yacht charters have increased in popularity over the past decade making it one of the most sought after Mediterranean yacht charter destinations. What makes it so enticing? Clean, sparkling waters; proud welcoming people; ports and islands oozing with history, charm, and world heritage sites; and magnificent natural beauty.

Plus some of the best wines and olive oils in the world (sorry France and Greece). The Dalmatian coast (that is what the Croatian coastline is called) has a dramatic shoreline with a lush seaboard of historic villages, palms, and olive plantations set against a backdrop of nearby majestic mountains. One thing that makes a luxury Croatia yacht charter highly appealing is the proximity of the islands to each other and to the mainland. This translates into short sailing distances and leisurely island hopping.

No matter what your yacht charter preferences are, there’s truly something for everyone. You can dance ‘til dawn on the island of Hvar or feel like the rest of the world has just evaporated when you’re anchored off the pristine island of Mljet. You can tour wineries, kite board, have dinner on the walls of Dubrovnik, press olives, watch sword dancers, and linger in the hush of a 15th century cathedral.

With 1185 islands and an 1100 mile long Mainland coast, Croatia boasts over 2,500 miles of coastline. The most popular Croatia yacht charter itinerary is a one-way itinerary between Dubrovnik and Split. It is the one we recommend for the first time traveler to Croatia as it offers a diversity of highlights and “must see” places.

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FAQs About Croatia Yacht Charters

How do you get to Croatia?
You can get international flights into either Split or Dubrovnik which are both on the coast.

When is the best time to go?
The charter season extends from May to October.  The ideal month is September – it is less busy and still warm.  The summer months are wonderful although this is peak tourist season.

What are the temperatures?
July and August are the warmest months with an average of 80° F and water temps in the mid-70s. June and September offer up both land and sea temperartures in the lower 70s. May is a bit cooler with temperatures in the high 60s.

What is the best itinerary?
If this is your first Croatian yacht charter,, we highly recommend a one-way itinerary from Split to Dubrovnik or vice versa. See our sample Croatia Yacht Charter itinerary

What types of crewed charter yachts are available in Croatia?
Like our other yacht charter destinations, Croatia has catamaran yacht charters, sailing yacht charters, motor yacht charters and super yacht charters. It also has its own fleet of more traditional gulets and motor yachts which spice up your charter with local ambiance and insider's knowledge to your charter experience.

Can all charter yachts pick up in Croatia?
Non-Croatian flagged yachts need to have a special license. Many of our international yachts that do not have a Croatian license pick up their guests in Montenagro which is right next door, just south of Dubrovnik.

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