Expedition Charter Yacht "Big Fish" Cruises the Ice of Norway and the Arctic

Big Fish Expedition Charter Yacht Norway Arctic

One of the last major European wilderness areas... rarely visited by luxury charter yachts

Dramatic Vistas and Scenery: Pristine mountains, fauna, deep fjords, picturesque icebergs, and massive ice sheets. About the size of Ireland, nearly 60% of the land is covered in ice. The islands have a population of about 3000, living in 4 small settlements. Big Fish will explore the eastern and least-visited sections of Svalbard’s breathtaking and dramatic Spitsbergen, the largest island in the archipelago. Meaning "Jagged Peaks" in Dutch, the island was named for the sharp pointed mountains. Once onboard, you'll locate wildlife and spend the maximum amount of time hiking on the tundra. Spitsbergen is home to approximately 5,000 polar bears, and you're likely to encounter a good number of them during the trip. The itinerary and route around the islands will be determined by the weather and sea-ice conditions. Big Fish's ice-strengthened hull will allow it to enter the pack ice and search for the wildlife which makes its home in this extreme environment.

Dramatic wildlife viewing opportunities: Cruising among the ice floes, you're likely to spot polar bears hunting for seals and walrus hauled out on the ice or nearby shores. Watching this magnificent wildlife from the decks of the Big Fish promises to be a highlight of your journey and your skilled captain will maneuver the ship in order to give the best possible views. You will travel along the same routes as famous polar explorers such as Andrée, Nordenskiöld, Amundsen and Nobile. You will trek along beaches blanketed with walruses, get to know the indigenous reindeer, and maybe even spot the Arctic fox or bearded seal. Seabirds, such as Ivory gulls, auks and puffins, will be your constant companions as you admire their playfulness and grace. You might even encounter a few whales.

Wonderful sport-fishing: The Norwegian Arctic waters are rarely visited by hook-and-line. These waters abound with Atlantic cod, often weighing in at 30-50 pounds. In addition to cod and other Atlantic ground fish, the waters teem with king crab and other shellfish. Big Fish's custom tender, Triple Ripple, will provide the perfect platform to catch your own dinner.

Onboard Naturalist Guide: Shore walks and tender landings will bring you up close to the mystical settings and passing icebergs. Each day your expedition guide and Captain will determine the best course, depending on changing weather, ice conditions and the wildlife we encounter. This is the true spirit of adventure cruising.

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