Greece Yacht Charters

A Greek Yacht Charter Should be on Everyone's Bucket List

There is simply no better way to experience the islands of Greece than on a private Greek yacht charter. Nearly 300 islands are scattered across the Aegean and Ionian seas ... each one teeming with history, enchanting mythology, romance, shining faces and welcoming arms. You have not discovered the true meaning of hospitality until you’re under the charm of the Greek people.

The Cyclades chain of islands, close to Athens, is a great itinerary choice for your first-time luxury Greek yacht charter. Southeast of Athens, the Cyclades are a cluster of over 200 islands in shimmering azure seas.   Whitewashed seaside villages climb up the sundrenched hillsides creating postcard scenes that have lured travelers and artists for centuries. Ancient history is all around as you cruise from port to port visiting the jet set playgrounds of Mykonos and Santorini;  the ancient ruins of Delos, the birthplace of Apollo; and the lazy charm of Paros and Naxos.  Cuisine and wine making also reach artistic highs on the Cyclades and archaeological sights abound.

Kick off your Greek yacht charter by flying into Athens. Visit the "must see" tourist attractions, trek to the Parthenon at sunset, have dinner at La Plaka, and sip retsina with the locals. 

Day One – Piraeus to Kythnos: Board your luxury Greek yacht charter in Piraeus, the port of Athens. Sail to Kythnos, an off-the-beaten track island with anchorages of crystal clear water and white, sandy beaches.  Merihas is a picturesque port with interesting taverns and cafes.  Also you'll find the ruins of an ancient citadel and town.

Day Two - Serifos:  Whitewashed houses, churches and windmills scattered across the hillside with some of the prettiest scenery in the Western Cyclades.  You can visit the remains of a Venetian castle and a stroll to the top of the hill offers a panoramic view of the nearby islands.

Day Three - Choose Your Own Island in the Sun:  So many islands to choose from – Sifnos for beaches, Folegandros for lovely villages, Sikonos for quiet, or Ios for beaches.

Day Four - Santorini:  Sailing into Santorini is a geographical wonder.  The island is a gigantic volcano that juts out of the sea with jagged cliffs draped in autumn hues of gold, red and rust.  Two Cycladic villages nestle into the peaks overlooking the caldera… a flooded crater that is the island’s harbor.   The main village of Fira  is perched 600 steep steps up from the harbor.  You can reach it by donkey  or a 2-minute ride by cable car.  Many excellent restaurants and shops.  A driving tour of the island  brings you to archaeological ruins, a winery, and sleepy countryside. Truly one of  the most beautiful places on Earth!

Day Five - Antiparos and Paros:  Two islands divided by a narrow channel.  Antiparos is best known for its famous cave of stalactites and beaches.  Paros also has wonderful beaches and a lively harbor with good shopping and nightlife. Lovely landscapes with lush valleys and rolling hills with small churches, monasteries, and houses dappled by that quintessential Aegean sunlight.

Day Six – Delos and Mykonos:  Leto, the pregnant mistress of Zeus, was blown onto Delos, escaping the wrath of Zeus’ wife and giving birth to Apollo under a date palm.  Delos quickly became  the political and religious center of the ancient world. The ancient ruins on this island have been compared to Pompeii, not for architectural similarity, but for the completeness of ancient life that they depict.  It is a tiny island with the remains of a great civilization.  All of it can be explored by foot.

Mykonos is the cosmopolitan tourist mecca of Greece... whitewashed houses and windmills overlook the town and port.  The heart of the town beats around the old fishing port, now throbbing with trendy bars and designer boutiques. The hundreds of winding, thread needle alleys seem as though they are sculpted into the rock.  Cars are forbidden, and wandering by foot is a must. You'll discover a myriad of shops with  folk art, jewelry, leather, crafts, and interesting museums. By day, Mykonos is bright and breezy with fine sandy beaches.  At night, it  dances to the beat of discos and bars open until the wee hours.

Day Seven - Kea:  A picturesque island with lovely bays with fruit trees running right down to the sea.  A beautiful "chora" , a cluster of glaring white houses on the hillside, is well worth a walk to explore as is an 18th century monastery,, famous for its miracle working icon.. This island is close to Athens and is a relaxing end to an incredible voyage.

Day Eight - Piraeus (Athens):  Disembarkation

Remember, this is one of many Greek yacht charter itineraries.  Your captain will design one that is ideally suited to you.

This yacht charter itinerary is best for motor yachts or super yachts as the average distance between each island is about 50 nautical miles.


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