Turkey Yacht Charters

Turkey Yacht Charters

The Turquoise Coast of Turkey is one of our favorite yacht charter destinations in the world.  A Turkey Yacht Charter will surround you with friendly people, a bounty of fresh foods and wonderful cuisine, gin clear waters, and villages oozing with history. The best ports of embarkation for a luxury yacht charter are Marmaris, Bodrum, or Gocek.  The advantage of cruising the Turkish coast by charter yacht is that you visit small off-the-beaten track villages and get to know the local people.  You can snorkel over the ruins of Cleopatra’s Baths, poke about in small markets, and explore some fascinating historical sites. And you'll enjoy at least three cups of tea as you bargain for that "must have" Turkish carpet.

Getting to the Turquoise Coast: You can get here two ways: 1) fly into Istanbul which is a must-see city and connect with a 90-minute flight on Turkish Airways to Dalaman Airport near the coast or 2) come through Greece - Athens to the island of Rhodes and then a ferry to Marmaris.  Unless you really want to tour Greece, the first option is best.

Sample Turkey Yacht Charter Itinerary - the Turquoise Coast

Day One - Marmaris: This most popular seaside resort in Turkey is perched at the head of a wide bay, fringed by pine forests and oleander shrubs that cascade to the shore from the surrounding hillsides. Once an isolated fishing village, it is now teeming with hundreds of pensions,  shops, restaurants and nightclubs in a distinctly Turkish ambiance.  The village sits below a 16th century citadel; yachts can dock right in the heart of the city. The bazaar is throbbing with energy and color  with great bargains in rugs, brass, silver and leather.  A walking tour to the Old Quarter with winding streets, narrow alleys, and old houses is a must.

Day Two-Ekincik:  An absolute must see on your Turkey yacht charter. Ekincik Bay is the gateway to Caunes, an ancient city dating to 700 BC with ruins including an acropolis,  a well-preserved amphitheater that once seated 15,000 people, Byzantine basilica, fountain, baths, etc.   Caunes is reached by motor launches, piloted by local guides, that travel the shallow and winding waters of the Dalyan River, passing by 4th century B.C. Lycean tombs cut into the rocky cliffs lining the banks, still regarded as an engineering and architectural masterpiece. The village of Dalyan hugs the river and is a delightful setting for lunch. After lunch, you can stroll the town, visit the mud baths, or relax at Turtle Beach, a six-mile long sandbar at the mouth of the river.

Day Three-Cleopatra’s Bay (Ruin Bay) in the Gulf of Fethiye is surrounded by the lower slopes of the Taurus Mountains, and is pine clad to the water's edge. The hearty may set off on a 45-minute hike to the rarely visited ancient city of Lydae... temple walls, cisterns, Corinthian columns, and inscribed tablets from the Roman and Byzantine periods. Or wade or snorkel above the underwater ruins. The more sedentary can enjoy the beach,  watersports, and conjure up images of Cleopatra who is said to have been here twice.

Day Four-Gemiler Island  was once the home to Byzantine and Lycian pirates, and the remains of an entire village are hidden in the pines. Spectacular views from the hilltop. A wonderful spot for watersports and enjoying the yachting life.

Day Five-Fethiye was once the principal port of ancient Lycea.  It is now a resort town with a wonderful market, great shopping, and excellent restaurants and night life.  Several land tours are available as well as some heart pumping sports activities – white water rafting, scuba, parasailing, and paragliding where you fly and glide with the wind (with a professional guide, of course).

Day Six-Tomb Bay is surrounded by Lycean and Carian ancient porticoed temple tombs high in the rocks, and the ancient city of Cyra is still evident in the groves of olives and oleander.

Day Seven-Gocek , a charming fishing village, sits in a small valley surrounded by mountain peaks and is relatively undiscovered by tourism. Lots of great fish restaurants and coffee shops face the bay, and in the village, you'll still see horse-drawn carts of fruits and vegetables being peddled… showing a glimpse of the simple Turkish lifestyle.  And you cannot leave Turkey without sampling a famous Turkish Bath

Day Eight-Gocek: Disembarkation

You will plan a specific yacht charter itinerary with your captain.  This Turkey Yacht Charter Itinerary is a sample to give you an idea of places you can go.

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