Italy's Amalfi Coast - Sample Yacht Charter Itinerary

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"From a yacht at sea on a blinding summer’s afternoon, the dizzy wall of terraced vines and lemon groves, the tiny white houses and the purple bougainvillea, the perfect fingernails of beach below, all lull you into a timeless present". —Peter Robb, novelist

The Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast of Italy is a spectacular mega yacht charter cruising ground offering breathtaking scenery with jagged cliffs that plunge 3,000 feet into the Mediterranean Sea, pristine beaches, ancient historical ruins and cities, jet-setting ports, chic shopping, fishing villages, artists enclaves, off the beaten track islands where you can sneak away from it all, and extraordinary natural beauty.

Day One-Naples to Ischia: Board your mega yacht charter in Naples, a colorful seaport city built on the slopes of the Bay of Naples with the volcano, Mount Vesuvius, in the background. It is the ideal location for beginning a cruise on the Amalfi Coast as it has an international airport and many marinas for embarkation. Both spaghetti and pizza were supposedly created here, and the “O Sole Mia” Italian welcome spices the air. Naples offers numerous historical sites, palaces, art museums, and churches including the National Archaeological Museum, thought to be the best in Europe, and the San Carlo Opera House. Ischia – the largest island in the Bay of Naples is lush, semi-tropical and famous for its natural thermal springs… a garden of pools at different temperatures close to the sea offering a natural spa treatment. They have made Ischia world-famous as "The Island of Well-Being."

Day Two-Capri – a legendary jet setting island that so enchanted Tiberius when he visited that he never returned to Rome. Clark Gable and Sophia Loren romanticized Capri forever with the film “It Started in Naples.” The town of Capri is nested in the cliffs of a dramatic limestone coastline that spikes out of the sea and offers a lively ambiance of chic bars, trendy restaurants and boutiques. A place to see and be seen. Sixty-five caves punctuate the cliffs of Capri, and a major highlight is the “Blue Grotto” which is 65 feet below sea level and entered by boat through a small passage. Reflections of light bathe the stalactites in a kaleidoscope of turquoises and silvers creating a magical journey through the tunnels and ruins.

Day Three-Positano – Occupying a spectacular stretch of coastline, Positano is an old fishing village now populated with sand splashed cafes and boutiques. A great island for kicking back and enjoying watersports and the beach. The Galli Islands lie just offshore, and we’ll stop here for lunch.

Day Four-Amalfi – Rich in history and myth, Amalfi is the land of everlasting Spring. Hercules buried his beloved nymph “Amalfi” here as it was the most beautiful place in the world. An old seafaring center in the 9th century, the Cathedral of St. Andrew still remains. A stroll through the city reveals historic churches, convents, piazzas, fountains, and museums. An excursion to the Emeraldo Grotto is a must – you row through a marine cave with awesome stalactites and stalagmites (many of which are underwater) and the surroundings are draped with a myriad of golden and emerald hues.

Day Five-Sorrento - is perched on a terraced ledge over the sea, surrounded by countryside of citrus groves and olive trees. A labyrinth of alleys and steps connect the village to the picturesque harbor and lovely beaches below. Sorrento has been attracting tourists since Roman times and its name hails from the mythical mermaids who lured Ulysses and his crew in the Odyssey with their siren’s song. The city has an unspoiled old quarter, lively shopping, lovely walkways, and pizza that you can order by the meter.

Day Six-Pompeii- A day trip to Pompeii from the ports of Naples or Sorrento is highly recommended. This ancient city at the foot of Mount Vesuvius was volcanically frozen in time in 79 A.D. when the volcano erupted and covered it in lava and ash. Excavated over the years, it is one of the most important archaeological sites in the world, giving a complete view of a Roman town with its temples, baths, basilicas, theatres, and gladiator training arena. 

Paestum: A train trip from Sorrento will bring history enthusiasts to the finely preserved ruins of Paestum with one of the best collections of Greek temples anywhere in the world. Its massive temples were built in around the fifth century B.C., when this part of Italy was called Greater Greece.

Day Six-Naples- Disembarkation

Other Ports of Call on an Amalfi Coast Yacht Charter

Ravello: The home of the prestigious Villa Rufolo of Ravello Music Festival that runs from April through November every year. “Under the stars” classical concerts in the setting where Wagner found his "magic garden of Klingsor.”

Praiano: Nestled between Positano and Amalfi, this ancient fishing village is a quaint port of call. It is home to "The Africana", the most famous nightclub on the Amalfi Coast. Two large caves come together just above the sea, and the dance floor is covered with plates of glass for a view of the sea, stalactites and the stalagmites that are illuminated with iridescent reflections.

Your yacht charter captain will plan a customized itinerary perfectly suited to your preferences and expectations.

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