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A scuba yacht charter vacation is a great option for scuba divers that want personal service, flexibility with schedule, and access to off the beaten track scuba dive sites. A yacht charter vacation is also ideal if you have traveling companions that are not divers as there are plenty of things for them to do while you are diving.

Here are the scuba dive yacht charter options that we offer:

Rendezvous Diving:  This is available from all of our charter yachts and is a good choice if you only want to scuba dive once or twice or for a group where only one or two people are divers.  A fully equipped dive boat comes right to your charter yacht to pick you up; your yacht can stay anchored or sail to a different port, and the dive boat will return you there after the dive.  The additional cost for a 2-tank dive in the BVI is about $110 pp including all gear and gratuity. Inquire about rates in otherscuba yacht charter locations.

Dive Yachts for Certified Divers:  Our scuba dive charter yachts will either have at least one divemaster or dive instructor onboard who will lead you on all of your dives.  They will arrange dives according to your level of diving.  Because there are so many other things to do on a yacht charter, it is typical to dive once per day.  If you are a "gung ho" diver and want to do more than that, please let us know so that we can arrange the right scuba yacht charter for you.

There’s nothing quite like diving from the deck of your own private yacht charter with your personal guide.  In additional to the privacy and personal service, there’s no pre-determined schedule that you have to fit into, and you get to sample some off-the-beaten track dive sites. Your yacht will anchor right at the dive site or nearby where the site is a short dinghy ride away.

The inclusions and equipment vary from yacht to yacht so be sure to ask us for details. Some yachts have a compressor and full dive gear aboard; on others, you have to rent the gear.

Resort Courses for Non-Certified Divers:  A select number of our scuba charter yachts have dive instructors aboard who can offer an introductory resort course to non-certified divers. This is the easiest and fastest way to get in the water and try out scuba diving. You'll learn the basics of scuba diving including some fundamental underwater skills. You'll end up diving in shallow water with your instructor and will be able to continue diving with him/her for the rest of the vacation. The cost of a resort course varies from yacht to yacht.  If your yacht does not have a dive instructor, we can arrange for a rendezvus dive boat to come in and do the course with you.

Getting Certified Aboard Our Yachts: A select number of our yachts have dive instructors aboard who can offer full scuba certification.  We strongly recommend that you complete the classroom part of your certification at home prior to your vacation (otherwise, you’re wasting valuable vacation time on bookwork); our dive instructor can then do the on-the-water portion of the certification with you.  The fees for this varies with each yacht… ask us for details.

Can I scuba dive if I am not certified?
If you are moderately healthy and want to dive, you can do a "discover scuba" resort course - read more

What do I need to bring?
Your dive certification card is a must. Most yachts have all of the gear onboard, although you are welcome to bring your own if you want.

What if my yachtmates don't dive? Many of the dive sites are in locations that are enjoyed by non-divers as well.  While you’re diving, they can be beaching, snorkeling, tubing or just “limin’”… the West Indian word for the pleasure of doing absolutely nothing!

Can I do a night dive?  This varies from yacht to yacht so be sure to ask in advance.

Will I need a wetsuit? This depends upon where you are diving.  In the Caribbean, we find that a lightweght 3 ml wetsuit keeps you comfortable.  Most yachts do not supply wetsuits, but can rent them for you.

How old do children need to be to scuba dive? PADI and NAUI, the two major dive certification companies, offer classes for kids 10 and over





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