Sailing Charter Yacht at Deserted Island

There’s nothing ordinary about any day!

On an Ocean Getaway yacht charter vacation, you choose where you want to go and what you do once you get there. No schedules, no lines, no crowds, no dress code, no strangers onboard with you.  Just you and your family or friends.. vacationing YOUR way! Plan 1001 activities or kick back and let the wind carry you where your heart longs to be.

Our crews lend you their expertise in creating an itinerary that suits your preferences.. providing the perfect blend of spirited adventure, relaxation and FUN!  And the beauty of it all is that you have total freedom to change your mind at whim!

Rise and Shine: If you’re an early riser, enjoy a cup of java on deck, watching the pelicans divebomb for their breakfast. Maybe take a dive overboard and a wake-up swim to the beach. Or perhaps your captain lured you on a sunrise fishing expedition.  Or catch some extra zzzz’s... breakfast will be waiting. Together with your charter yacht captain, you’ll make a plan for the day.

Cast Off: Your next port of call may be an hour or two away... it could be a pinnacle rock jutting skyward and surrounded by coral reef...  a powder white beach fringed with palms,  a secluded bay that’s a siren’s call for watersports, or  a village with boutiques and beach bars.  Underway, you can sunbathe, read that bestseller that’s been on your bed table for months, revel in the exhilaration of slicing through the waves, learn to sail, hang out and chat, or catch a snooze.

Noon Somewhere: You’ll feast on  a lunch served al fresco in the shade of the cockpit awning.. then you can jump overboard, kayak, beach it, explore ashore, snorkel, float lazily above a reef, waterski, tube, hike, fish, nap, scuba dive, or try something new.. your crew is eager to be your guide.  After all of the fun in the sun, you may like it so well here that you decide to stay put or you might set sail for another anchorage for the evening.

Evenings on the Water: On an Ocean Getaways’ charter yacht, you are always anchored in a calm bay every night. At sunset, watersports becomes blender sports as your chef whips up her favorite tropical libation and hors d’oeuvres. Dinners are served with fanfare, usually under the stars. After dinner, follow the rhythmic lure of the steel drums ashore, dance barefoot on the foredeck, learn about the stars, play a hand of poker, linger over a cognac with your yacht mates, go on a moonlight snorkel. . .rediscover the romance in your life.

Whatever you choose... it will be an unforgettable day that’s enlivened your mind, invigorated your spirit and transported you to a million miles west of your everyday life.


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