2017 America’s Cup Yacht Charters

The Most Historic Yachting Event of the 21st Century

Colman First Americas Cup Yacht
© Samuel Coleman_Wikimedia

The 2017 America’s Cup in Bermuda promises to be the yachting event of the century. No less than four history-making yachting regattas in the sun splashed waters of Bermuda at the same time. This Superfecta of yachting includes not only the America’s Cup races, but also the classic J Class Regatta, the Superyacht Regatta and the Rendezvous Tall Ships Regatta. And it that’s not enough exhilaration in one place, Bermuda turns up the heat with its jam-packed annual carnival celebration.

The best place to witness this yachting extravaganza is from the deck of your 2017 America’s Cup Yacht Charter. Ocean Getaways offers a stunning fleet of VIP flagged superyachts, both motor and sail. These yachts will be docked right in the heart of the America’s Cup Village, surrounded by 200 years of yachting history. Our yachts can be used as impressive viewing platforms, for gala dockside events, and for sailing ventures on lay days.  A few are even available to participate in the Superyacht Regatta – definitely a thrill of a lifetime.

2017 America’s Cup Yacht Charter – Charter a Yacht and Be in the Heart of the Festivities

The 35th America’s Cup has been re-designed to stage the action even closer to spectator fleet. Bow to bow tacking duels on the AC45 catamarans - which can literally fly above the water at speeds in excess of 30 mph – will splash right before your eyes. As ORACLE TEAM USA fights tooth and nail to retain the trophy, it will tackle the race of its life as it competes with phenomenal rivals from New Zealand, France, Sweden, Japan and the UK. Charter a VIP Superyacht for the duration of the competition, and you’ll be in the thick of things, both on-shore and at sea. A bevy of thrilling regattas, plenty of VIP gala nights and after-parties and the most glamorous events of the year. Bermuda is where it will all be happening, and where your 2017 America’s Cup Yacht Charter will be the memory of a lifetime.

Henry G Peabody
©Henry G Peabody Wikimedia
Coggens Yachts Charter
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1899 J. S. Johnsto
© 1899 J. S. Johnston Wikimedia

J Class Regatta

Combining eight decades of J Class yachting history, the 2017 J Class regatta brings the oldest and most revered J Class yachts to Bermuda, alongside their modern, tailor-made counterparts. Hosted in the America’s Cup Village, the fleet of classic yachts will grant a visual feast like no other. Admire the classic superyachts which started a legend, be overawed at their prowess, their elegance, and their drop-dead-gorgeous designs. Because it's one thing to see these beauties in photos but a whole other dimension to stand right by them at the Hamilton dock. If you do nothing else next June, come and see these incredible superyachts for yourself.

Superyacht Regatta

Over three tremendous days of racing, a fleet of sailing superyachts will battle it out for this prestigious trophy. In June of 2017, America’s Cup Yacht Charters will let you watch the race from pole position, putting you front and center of the Superyacht Regatta and create an adrenaline rush you'll never forget. Better yet, you can charter a yacht for the event and be in the race.

Rendezvous Tall Ships Regatta

Tall Ships Regatta
Tall Ships Regatta Bermuda
© Jim Raycroft

The Rendezvous Tall Ships Regatta will add to the 2017 America’s Cup charter action in Bermuda. This historic event invites thousands of sailing trainees to board classic Tall Ships for a race across the North Atlantic Ocean. From Europe to Bermuda, Canada and back, the RDV Regatta is a transatlantic race of immense cultural and social proportions. The Bermuda leg of the race will run concurrently with the America’s Cup in Bermuda, adding even more pizazz to an already extraordinary event. Follow in the wake of the world's best marine explorers as you join the Bermuda leg of this most extraordinary event.

But wait…there’s more!

The hosting of all these yachting events in June will coincide with the Bermuda Heroes Weekend, a marvelous cultural carnival that will add a touch of exotic flair to the events.

Bermuda Heroes Weekend – A Bonus to Your America’s Cup Yacht Charter

Bermuda Heroes Weekend
© Bermuda Tourism Authority

Hailed as a “5-star weekend with a passion for culture”, the Bermuda Heroes Weekend is a local carnival which showcases the country’s cultural, gastronomic and musical attributes. Dance to the beat of Soca music at the all-night J’ouvert party, dance barefoot in the sand at the parade of bands, sip a Dark and Stormy, sample some Hopping’ John, and slide into the island vibe that makes Bermuda such an enchanting destination .

All the action of the 2017 America’s Cup yacht charter program offered by Ocean Getaways certainly provides enough enticement to visit Bermuda in June, 2017. And Bermuda itself adds to the appeal. This island nation is brimming with incredible treasures – more golf courses per square mile than any other place on earth, quaint colonial villages, sandy pink beaches, a captivating underwater paradise, and welcoming people.

Join us here in June 2017 and experience the Superyacht Superfecta in all its glory.

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