Capri Yacht Charter - Bewitching, Bedazzling, Bemusing

Image of the ITalian Coast taken from the Capri Yacht Charter Capris Yacht Charter - The Best of Italy In Just a Single Day

Capri has bewitched visitors for centuries, luring everyone from Roman Emperors to Hollywood VIPs since before either term were even invented. The luxurious exclusivity of the island, nowadays, makes it the absolute highlight on Capri yacht charter itineraries. The intoxicating combination of spectacular nature – from fluorescent caves to bougainvillea-filled hills and dramatic coastlines - gourmet food, and designer shopping, are simply impossible to resist. Mark Twain once notably quipped that “When the Creator made Italy, he must have based his designs on Michelangelo’s artworks”. We have a hunch Twain visited the Amalfi Coast on a luxury Capri yacht charter to have become so fervently enamored with the country. And who could blame him? As you awake to the breathtaking sight of Capri Island jutting out of the azure waters, with her forest covered rocky cliffs and smattering of multi-million dollar villas seemingly suspended in mid-air, you’ll probably fall head over hills with Italy as well. So what would a day on Capri look like?  An absolute masterpiece, of course!

Capri Yacht Charter Morning Delights – Explore the Blue Grotto

After a leisurely breakfast aboard your yacht, it’s time to start your exploration of Capri by sea. Board your private tender and head straight for the Blue Grotto, a cave carved deep into the cliff-side and surrounded by waters of a thousand shades of emerald and sapphire. La Grotta Azzurra is Capri’s crown jewel and best visited in the morning before the hordes of tourists descend on daily organized tours from the mainland. The small opening of the cave makes it accessible only at calm low tides, yet is also what drenches the cave in darkness, and allows light from a small underwater opening to illuminate it in a shade of azure that is utterly surreal. The Grotto was the private swimming haven of Emperor Tiberius and during his reign – just over 2,000 years ago - was also turned into an underwater temple dedicated to Roman gods Many priceless relics have been recovered from the sandy cave floors. Tiberius’ love affair with Capri is quite legendary and, after a delectable lunch, you’ll have the chance to learn more about it.

Capri Yacht Charter - Gastronomic indulgence

There’s something about being on the seas that works up a ravenous appetite. Or is that just us? After you return to Marina Grande from your Blue Grotto escapade, you’ll meet your private driver and his stylish convertible luxury car. It’s time for lunch! Although your Capri yacht charter is a ticket to gastronomy and an infinite choice of amazing restaurants,  Da Paolino ranks as our favorite - it's built into the heart of a cozy lemon grove. Lunching under a canopy of lemon trees in this charming old farmhouse will arguably be one of the fondest memories you’ll bring home from your Capri yacht charter. The ambiance is superb, rustic and elegant at once, and meals - heavily infused with the taste of the Amalfi Coast - include an abundance of lemons and plentiful seafood.

A Leisurely Afternoon – Striking Coastal Views, Historic Sights & Fabulous Shopping

Unsurprisingly, there are some terrific walking paths all over Capri, which you can mix’ n match to take in astonishing vistas, visit historic sights and indulge in the island’s famous designer shopping quarter. Monte Solaro, the highest point on the island, offers the kind of all-encompassing sea views that’ll make your head spin. If you’re feeling active, ask your driver to take you to the main piazza in Anacapri (the village on the hills) and take an easy path from there. Alternatively, you could always hop on the cable car and enjoy an unforgettable 10-minute ride to the top. Reaching the bottom cable-car station from Da Paolino, on the old Phoenician Steps, will take merely half an hour. Once at the peak of Solaro, you’ll want to take your time. Maybe eat another gelato, or savor another aperitivo. You are in Italy, after all! History buffs can combine culture and nature by visiting Villa Jovis instead, on the eastern tip of Capri. This is one of several imperial clifftop villas which Tiberius built on the isle. From here, he could enjoy spectacular coastal views of the Bay of Naples and, after torturing his enemies, delight in seeing them being thrown off the ragged edges.  Along with Villa Damecuta and the Tiberius Baths, Villa Jollis is one of Capri’s most fascinating archeological sites, and all accessible both by either walking path or private car transfer. Often dubbed ‘the shopper’s temptation island’, Capri offers a wealth of retail therapies to rival her outstanding landscapes. Alongside popular local treats like limoncello, colorful ceramics, and famous Capri pants, the island’s best boutiques also showcase the latest designer gear, crafty homewares, and hand-made perfumes. The lively narrow streets of Capri’s center are a real maze of shopping lures, interspersed with flower-filled stone arches, colorful façades, and glorious window displays. The cocktail of high-end wine shops, delicatessens, jewelers, and designer stores all compete for your attention. Two items which will undoubtedly capture you are the unique leather and beaded sandals for which Capri is so renowned, and her collections of hand-made perfumes. It’s this latest treasure that you should definitely consider a must! Carthusia- I Profumi di Capri, is a small artisanal perfumery which produces and sells perfumes made with locally-grown flowers and herbs. If you want the fragrance of your perfect day in Capri to linger a little longer, then this is where you should come. Carthusia’s perfumes encapsulate the essence of the Amalfi Coast, and on a visit here you can learn all about the perfume production process which is actually immensely interesting.

Aperitivo with a View – JK Place Hotel

After your action-packed afternoon, you’ll surely be in need of a refreshing Aperol spritz. So head to the JK Place, a luxury hotel which boasts some of the best panoramic views of all. This is one of the World’s Best Small Luxury Hotels and boasts a seafront rooftop terrace that’s to die for, most especially at sunset. The splendid views take in the Marina Grande (where you’ll be able to spot your luxury yacht) and the greater Bay of Naples.And if by now you’ve managed to resist the seductive charms of Capri, we bet your defenses will be unable to battle much longer. Just give in and swoon, we suggest, there’s no point in denying it: this is one of the sailing world’s most magnificent destinations.