Top 5 Things to Do on A Hvar Yacht Charter

Image of a luxury Hvar sailing yacht charter anchored in a harbor.Here are the Top 5 Things To Do on a Hvar Yacht Charter

A Hvar yacht charter takes you to one of the most impressive islands to dot Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast. Hvar is a sparkling jewel that offers a little of all that makes this European country so inviting. The rugged coastline, heavenly beaches, and lavender-filled hills leave first-time visitors in awe, and the stellar first impressions certainly don’t end there The main town of Hvar is a compact maze of stunning Venetian mansions, excellent museums, beautiful boutiques and world-class dining and drinking options. The shopping, sightseeing, gastronomy, and nightlife are what compel many yacht charter guests to come back here, year after year. Yet no matter how many times you’ve visited this dreamy Croatian island, you’ll always find something new to discover.

1.   Get your bearings from St Stephen’s Square

The largest and one of the oldest public squares in Dalmatia, St. Stephen’s Square is the focal point of life in Hvar town. The square covers an area of over one acre and runs from the harbor all the way to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The beautifully polished cobblestone laneway is framed by an array of shops, cafes, and restaurants on both sides. On the northern end, you’ll see the imposing medieval walls which have been protecting the Old Town Centre for over 800 years.

2.   Hike up to Španjola Fortress

Step off your Hvar yacht charter and in ten minutes, you can be hiking to the top of Hvar Fortress - known simply as Španjola to locals - a fort which was built by the Venetians during the 16th century. The historical ruins make for awesome photography, especially with the backdrop of verdant hills and azure waters. What will undoubtedly captivate you most will be the panoramic views of the Pakleni islands and the city’s picturesque harbor. The walk up the hill is substantial, especially on a hot day, but infinitely worthwhile. And there are taxies for the faint of heart (or foot).

Anchor your chartered Hvar yacht and explore the vineyards and countryside.3.   Spend a day touring the best wineries

If this is your first time visiting Croatia on a Hvar yacht charter then you may not know that this is one of the country’s best wine-making islands. If you are a return visitor, however, you’ll no doubt already be making plans to seek out a new Plavac Mali to try. Wine may well be Croatia’s most hidden of treasures, a highlight only known to its neighboring countries up until recently. Of all the most prominent wine-making regions in the country, Hvar arguably reigns supreme. This small and unassuming island produces some of the country’s most exclusive blends, such as the abovementioned Plavac Mali (a full-bodied red) and the light and refreshing Bogdanjuša white. On a Hvar yacht charter, you can spend a whole day exploring the gorgeous wineries in Hvar and learning more about their 2000-year-old wine-making industry.

4.   Indulge in a cultural dining experience

Sometimes, the best table at the best restaurant in town doesn’t always offer the most ‘cultural’ of experiences, and in Hvar this is certainly true. Knobas is the island’s most historic eateries and offers a chance to taste local fare in superbly authentic settings. Once upon a time, the knoba was a home’s cellar, where food was stored and meat and fish cured. Modern-day knobas are underground restaurants which offer visitors the chance to not only dine in an old-fashioned Croatian way but also taste some of the more traditional local dishes not found in more swanky restaurants. For a delectable meal of locally-produced treats, including olives, goat cheese, peppers, tomatoes and the most mouthwatering figs, head to Knoba Menego and you won’t leave disappointed.

5.   Dance the night away at Carpe Diem

Café by day and dancing hub by night, Carpe Diem is the epicenter of nightlife in Hvar town. Located on its own little island a quick boat ride out from Hvar, this swanky beach bar is THE place to see and be seen. In summer, Carpe Diem attracts big crowds thanks to its gorgeous location, great array of cocktails and the latest tunes from local and international DJs. Scattered floor cushions, mood lighting, and an eclectic crowd make for a fun and unforgettable night out. And if you manage to pull an all-nighter? Simply grab a sun lounger and spend the rest of the day recovering on the beach! Ready to explore one of the most enticing corners of the Mediterranean? We’re delighted to offer a comprehensive array of exclusive luxury Hvar yacht charters, so you can discover the magnificent treasures of the Adriatic and the spellbinding Croatian coast.

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