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Stephen Spielberg’s $200 Million Super Yacht

Thursday May 12, 2011
Steven Speilberg's Super Yacht  in the Exumas, Bahamas

Steven Speilberg's 286' Super Yacht "Seven Seas"

Steven Spielberg is known for everything grand, and his brand new super yacht is no exception.  The Seven Seas, a  282′ Oceanco motor yacht, cost about  $200 million to build and has been spotted throughout the Caribbean this season.  I was lucky enough to cruise past it as it laid at anchor off of a deserted island in the Exumas in early May.  I didn’t run for the binoculars, but we were close enough to see kids frolicking in the pool.  I thought that my own charter mega yacht, At Last, was pretty spectacular , but at 140’… we were dwarfed by the Seven Seas.

Its most “talked about” feature is an infinity pool with a 15-foot glass wall that doubles as a movie screen – so you can swim as you watch Jaws.  And if the weather is a tad rainy, there’s an indoor cinema as well along with a gym, spa, and massage room. Plus a private helicopter flight deck.

Celebrities and charter yachts go together like gin and tonic.  Charter yachts  offer exclusivity, privacy,  anonymity, and discreet crews that are willing to honor non-disclosure agreements.  Choosing the right destination helps as well, and the Exumas are ideal as you’ll find numerous anchorages where you’ll be on the only yacht in sight.

But every now and then, the desire to be left alone seems to be foreshadowed by the urge to splash the waters with the “biggest and the best”.   And St. Barths over the holidays is the place to be seen.  Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, the world’s wealthiest rapper, chartered Solemates and Simon Cowell of American Idol fame was spotted aboard Slipstream.

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