The Abacos

Bask on Powder White Beaches - That’s Just the Beginning of the Bahamas Bliss

Like an infinite constellation of vibrant stars across a deep blue sky, the islands of the Bahamas are a feast for all the senses and an adventurer’s true paradise. With hundreds of islands, thousands of cays and innumerable islets, you could easily indulge in a Bahamas yacht charter every year, for the rest of your life, and still not see it all. The itinerary possibilities, in this nook of the world, are near limitless.

Long considered the birthplace of the Americas - this is where Columbus first laid eyes on the New World. The Bahamas boast a long and at times troubled history, immense natural treasures and plenty of ghostly tales. For the modern explorer, the Bahamas are evocative of endless miles of deserted beaches, crystalline waters and multi-hued reefs. Drop anchor in the Bahamas and you can swim with pigs, snorkel with nurse sharks, play hide-and-seek with Dragon Iguanas, tackle a round of golf on a designer course and retrace the elusive steps of James Bond.

Just an arms length away from the US, the Bahamas is a rewarding and immensely convenient yacht charter destination. When you consider the sheer variety of attractions on offer – from world class resorts to vibrant port towns, secluded anchorages and superb marine life. Just a few hours’ plane ride away, you’d be hard pressed to find a more ideal place to explore on your private Bahamas luxury yacht charter.

Exuma Yacht Charters

Known as the out islands of The Bahamas, the Exumas are a 100-mile long necklace of small off-the-beaten-track isles, lying about 50 miles southeast of Nassau. With 365 isles, you can explore a different one every day of the year! The crystal clear waters are among the most beautiful in the world, shimmering a rainbow of aqua, teal, emerald, indigo and sapphire. The local people are warm and welcoming.

Nassau is the ideal starting point for a yacht charter in the Exumas, and most of our guests love to embark from the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. Your Bahamas luxury yacht charter can dock in the heart of this exclusive ocean-themed resort which features the man-made ruins of Atlantis, a giant water park, a Balinese spa, an upclose and personal encounter with dolphins, and a myriad of boutiques and restaurants. A prime spot for families aboard Bahamas sailing charters.

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Abaco Yacht Charters

The Abacos are a group of two dozen or so islands in

the north-eastern part of the Bahamas. Elbow Cay and Green Turtle Cay were settled by British loyalists who escaped the United States during the Revolutionary War. Showcasing colonial architecture sprinkled with Bahamian pastels, the villages on the Abacos are postcard-perfect gems. Treasure Cay has miles of spectacular beaches including the 3.5 mile-long Treasure Cay Beach, rated one of the top ten beaches in the world. Short sailing distances from island to outpost, consistent winds, sparkling waters, and stunning scenery make this an ideal destination on a Bahamas yacht charter itinerary.

Bimini Yacht Charters

Bimini equals sport fishing heaven! It sits right on the edge of the Gulf Stream and holds about 50 world class fishing records. Bimini is actually two islands (North Bimini and South Bimini) and is the closest Bahamian island to the United States - only 50 miles away. Over the years, it has hosted rum runners, drug smugglers, Hemingway, Blackbeard, and shiploads of privateers and pirates.

Today, you'll find lovely beaches, conch shacks, an upscale resort or two, and waters that shimmer 50 shades of emerald and aquamarine during your Bahamas luxury yacht charter trip. As one of Hemingway's characters aptly states, one can "swim, eat, drink, work, read, talk, read, fish, fish, swim, drink, sleep."

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Our Expert Opinion

The Bahamas are so close to the U.S., but once you leave Nassau, they feel miles away. The destination is for people whose idea of nightlife is sipping a Bahama Mama at a barefoot in the sand local bar or unwinding onboard your yacht under a star-flooded sky. The reefs are teeming with fish making snorkeling, scuba and catching your own dinner a highlight. Charter a catamaran or a motor yacht with a shallow draft so that you can anchor close to the islands. If you charter a superyacht, look for one with a large “towed tender” that will zoom you where the big yacht cannot go.

Local Island Scenes