Bali and the Komodo Islands

Embrace the Exotic, the Enchanting, and the Most Welcoming People in the World… But Don’t Kiss the Dragon

The mystical Komodo Islands have, until recently, been one of the world’s most hidden secrets, known to only a handful of adventurous explorers and discerning scuba divers. A world of deserted beaches, untamed forests, mystical dragons, spectacular coral reefs and underwater rocky worlds simply bursting with a multitude of marine wildlife. Glistening pink sandy shores and tribal villages built on stilts brimming with happy goats and beaming children. These are the unforgettable scenes which await you on a Bali private yacht charter to the Komodo Islands.

Ever dreamt of sailing remote uncharted waters, crossing paths with ancient tribes and chasing dragons along endless miles of pristine and deserted beaches? Then a Bali yacht charter is for you.

Except here it’s the dragons who do the chasing…

The Land of the Mighty Dragons

Home of the world’s largest lizards – which are enticing and terrifying in equal measures – the Komodo Islands are Indonesia’s most remote yacht charter destination and one of the most astounding places on earth. The Komodo National Park, identified as a global conservation area and a fiercely protected UNESCO bioreserve, is made up of several islands, the largest of which are Komodo, Padar and Rinca.

Of all the endemic creatures found on these islands, the Komodo dragon is by far the most renowned. They may not be the largest lizards who have ever lived, but they are the largest which are still living. And that’s no mean feat. They are awe-inspiring and quite photogenic, yet the moment you learn they are carnivorous, you’ll be sure to stay close to your guide on Bali yacht charter trip. On land, you’ll encounter wild boars, Timor deer, water buffalos and untamed horses. But that’s only the tip of proverbial iceberg or, in this case, the rugged volcanic island.

One of the Richest Underwater Habitats in the World

On your Bali yacht charter vacation, dive deep into the heart of Komodo’s underwater world and you’ll be embraced by one of the richest marine wildlife environments in the world. Swim with majestic manta rays, lazy dugongs, curious dolphins and timid sharks. Snorkel the multi-hued coral reefs and keep tabs on the thousands of fish species which inhabit them. On your Bali scuba dive holidays, savor mouthwatering cocktails on the open deck of your Bali private yacht charter as the sun sets behind the sharpened horizons, counting flying foxes and sparkling constellations. Without light pollution to hinder the view, the Milky Way is the most resplendent you’ll ever see her.

And when it all get too much, relax your mind, body and spirit with a delicious massage or spend an entire day lost in the maze of an uninhabited speck of heavenly island aboard your Bali private yacht charter. It’s near impossible not to be seduced by the tropical torpor of the Komodo islands so don’t even bother trying. Resistance, as they say, is utterly futile.

The People of the Komodo Islands: a Treasure to be Cherished

Very little is known of the history of the islands’ indigenous population, and although relatively recent arrivals have diluted the most tribal of bloodlines, locals still live a modest and rural life here, in symbiosis with Mother Nature. They worship enigmatic gods and have much respect for their lands and the animals which inhabit them. They are a colorful people, always smiling and welcoming visitors with open arms. They sing, they dance and they love sharing the spoils of their fertile lands. Alongside nature and wildlife, the people of the Komodo are an absolute highlight of a Bali yacht charter journey. Between the ragged volcanic islands and verdant rolling hills, you’ll find bamboo huts serving as restaurants, bars, cafes and guesthouses. Life is simple here, yet so very rich.

Slowly but surely, luxury eco-resorts are being built. This was always only a matter of time, of course, but in case you’ve been wondering: the time to cast off on a Bali private yacht charter is right now. If not sooner. Come see this terrestrial paradise before its horizons are forever reshaped. Channel your inner castaway and sail the high seas to one of the world’s most magnificent yachting destination.

Bali: the Most Beautiful Silver Lining of All

We’d be lying if we didn’t admit that one of the best things about a Bali yacht charter is the island of Bali itself!

Bali is the modern-day Komodo, where wilderness, marine wildlife and spectacular sunsets are complemented by superb resorts, outstanding yoga retreats and colorful temples. It is often said that Bali is more than just a place; it’s a state of mind, a feeling of rejuvenation and a philosophy of happy, relaxed and laid-back living. As a springboard to the Komodo Islands, there can certainly be no better place. Spend a few days in Bali either before or after your Bali yacht charter, and you can experience the Indonesian way of life, of today, and of yesteryear.

Our Expert Opinion

This was one of the best and most magical yacht charter vacations that I have had – crystalline waters teeming with fish; exotic culture; welcoming people; fresh, spicy and healthy cuisine; isolated beaches; and creepy Komodo dragons. The people and the crew touched my heart like no others.

Local Island Scenes