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Adventure to the High Latitudes in this Rugged Land of Nature’s Bounty

If it’s superb unspoilt wilderness you seek, and wish to indulge in a yachting experience that’s completely out of the norm, then you really shouldn’t sail past a luxury yacht charter in Greenland and the Arctic region. Combining the very best of expedition cruising, with the luxurious comforts of yachting, Greenland and Arctic yacht charters offer a kaleidoscope of adventure-filled experiences, ideal for discerning travellers who want an exhilarating yet relaxing yacht charter experience.

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Greenland and Arctic Yacht Charter Highlights

Home of the Northern Hemisphere’s only permanent ice cap, Greenland is an incredible destination to discover, most especially on a luxury yacht charter. With her remote coves, isolated coastal villages and dramatic landscapes battered by millennia of harsh polar winds, Greenland sailing expedition are as awe-inspiring as she is difficult to explore. At least by land.

The world’s largest island is part of Denmark, although enjoys autonomous status. Inhabited by indigenous Inuit tribes, polar bears, caribous, walrus, penguins, super-cute puffins and curious harp seals, Greenland and this entire area of the Arctic Circle is a phenomenal choice for wilderness and wildlife lovers who want to indulge in aloneness in one of the world’s least polluted areas. Best known as an ideal place in which to admire the Northern Lights, and incredible whale-watching excursions, a Greenland sailing expedition reveals a unique and very interesting culture and history of the region – both natural and man-made – and the chance to explore endless miles of fantastical ice fields. Whether by snow mobile, dog sled or with crampons and a steady pace, getting a close-up view of the ice cap here is an absolute must on your Arctic yacht charter trip! Hop on a kayak and explore awe-inspiring icebergs close up, try your hand at fishing among ancient fjords and revel in the splendid warmth which is glorious even this far north. Think you won’t come home with a tan when your cruise the Arctic region? Think again! Summers here are simply superb, with daytime temperatures hovering about 50° F.

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Off-shore and Land-based Activities

Greenland is a playground of immense fun, even more so on a fully-equipped Greenland sailing expedition yacht. These impressive ice-breaking vessels can carry a tonne of toys (figuratively and literally!) and grant you the chance for a variety of invigorating sports and activities. From hardy Zodiacs and tenders which make explorations in narrow ice fields possible, to kayaks, SCUBA ice diving gear, fishing gear and more, Greenland sailing expedition yacht charters are anything but boring. Moreover, you can experience a heart-thumping heli-skiing outing, snowmobile riding and polar bear (photographic) hunting as well. In fact, photographic excursions aboard an Arctic yacht charter would have to rate among the most rewarding and memorable of all the activities here.

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Best Time to Visit

The northern Spring and Summer – the months between May and September – are ideal for Greenland and Arctic yacht charter trips to. Do note that high season is during the European school holiday break in June and July, so book your Greenland and Arctic yacht charter ahead of time if planning to visit at this time.

Our Expert Opinion

Greenland is for the bold explorer, the adventure seeker, heli-skiing enthusiasts or the outdoor photographer, seeking exquisite natural beauty and majestic silence. Charter an expedition yacht that is built to handle the elements and be self-sufficient when you’re miles from nowhere.

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