Corsica & Sardinia

Revel in Unspoiled Cruising Area Oozing With a Unique Blend of French and Italian Charisma

A luxury yacht charter in a splendid cul-de-sac of the Mediterranean - and a hop between Corsica and Sardinia - offers an enticing fusion of two worlds. The French island of Corsica and the Italian isle of Sardinia may be close to one another - and both equally stunning - yet they offer yacht charter guests quite distinct attractions and experiences. Hop between two charming cultures, delight in different cuisines, practice different languages and enjoy the best of both worlds when you cast off on a Corsica and Sardinia luxury yacht charter, the best 2-in-1 sailing experience you can have.

Corsica Luxury Yacht Charter

With her picturesque fishing villages, dramatic rocky coastlines, and an interior of mountainous landscapes and verdant forests, a Corsica luxury yacht charter trip is unlike any of her neighbours in the Mediterranean. From the comfort of your luxury yacht, Corsica will appear to protrude out of the deep blue seas like an impenetrable castle. This is the most mountainous island in the whole Mediterranean region. Fiercely breath-taking, this place is a mix of outstanding features and offers Corsica luxury yacht charter visitors a variety of experiences: her coastal cities are glitzy and vibrant, her beaches superb, her secluded coves inviting and her hinterland a collection of heart-pumping hiking opportunities. Like a mini-world of its own accord, Corsica is an impressive place to visit on a yacht charter, especially for those who are short on time but big on wishes. History lovers aboard a Corsica luxury yacht charter will also find plenty to learn as the island boasts quite the tumultuous history. The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, and a hotly-contested islands for centuries, Corsica boasts amazing museums, medieval churches and plenty of alluring architecture. Similar yet distinct from both mainland France and Italy, Corsica has an identity all of its own, and discovering all the nuances on a Corsica luxury yacht charter is a pure delight.

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Sardinia Luxury Yacht Charter

A mere swim-stroke south of Corsica is where you’ll find Sardinia, or Sardegna in Italian, one of the least visited yet most rewarding of Italy’s many islands. The region’s second-largest island, Sardinia boasts more than 1,100 miles of fantastic coastline, dotted with idyllic coves, stretches of unspoiled beach, many smaller islets and a spellbinding fusion of emerald and sapphire waters. Inland you’ll discover it dissected by an impressive mountain range, adorned with fertile plateaus and valleys, and many sparkling rivers and lakes. Much like Corsica, Sardinia was also invaded and conquered by various cultures over millennia and, being one of Europe’s oldest land masses, also boasts quite a few UNESCO listed megalithic and Bronze Age ruins. Roman forums, temples and amphitheatres dot the interior landscape and dazzling beaches frame its coastline. With a capital city home of only 420,000 people – about a third of the entire population – Sardinia is a sleepy, striking and a very interesting place to discover on Sardinia luxury yacht charter.

Corsica and Sardinia Luxury Yacht Charter Highlights

Cagliari - Sardinia’s capital city, is awash with fantastic history. As the former capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia, the city’s home to an old town centre that’s as pretty as a postcard. Spectacular when approached by the sea on Sardinia luxury yacht charter, Cagliari boasts a gorgeous castle, vibrant piazzas brimming with charming cafés and some seriously wicked seafood restaurants.

Porto Cervo – The Coast Esmeralda Yacht Club, the most attractive marina stop anywhere along the Emerald Coast, attracts the yachting elite like nowhere else, except perhaps Cannes and Monaco. On your Sardinia & Corsica luxury yacht charter, visit here in the summer months, between June and September, and you’d be excused for thinking the city’s holding an exhibition of the world’s most opulent yachts! Hop on your tender and jump ashore for a sunset cocktail at Phi beach bar and, if you’re itching to bust a move, stay a while to boogie on a Saturday night.

Casu Marzu, Sardinia – Not a location but a locally made cheese, Casu Marzu is renowned around the world as one of the most ‘unusual’ culinary treats you could savour. Fermented by maggots (you read that right) it has a tangy taste and, depending on your maggot-dodging skills, quite crunchy texture, and is a foodie-bucket-list specialty worth trying on Sardinia luxury yacht charter trip – but not for the faint of palate!

Gourmet Food & Wine – Sardinia is quite prominent in Italy’s culinary world and produces excellent wines, cheeses and unique culinary delights. Although your personal chef can definitely include local dishes to your daily menus, consider taking a food & wine tour of the area in your Corsica and Sardinia yacht charter itinerary. This way, you’ll get a rewarding sightseeing tour and get to feast on the best Sardinian cuisine has to offer.

Iles de Maddalena, Sardinia – This pristine chain of islands offer a delightful mid-way pause in between Corsica and Sardinia and are found just off the northern coast of the latter. With innumerable secluded coves in which to blissfully anchor, you’ll find the perfect spot to enjoy water sports and take advantage of some of the water toys aboard your Corsica and Sardinia luxury yacht charter. Windsurf, kayak, snorkel and swim….or simply sunbathe on a stretch of sparkling beach.

Bonifaccio, Corsica – With its limestone cliffs and imposing entrance, Bonifaccio is an absolute feast for the eyes on Sardinia & Corsica luxury yacht charter trip. The ‘high city’ - the historic centre perched atop a rocky hill - is a tantalising maze of cobblestone alleyways and historic buildings that are a delight to explore on foot. By the port, enjoy a lazy seaside dinner and late night drink at one of the numerous bars.

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Ajaccio, Corsica – This island’s capital was Napoleon’s birthplace and is a city steeped in history and the arts, and home to a magnificent cathedral showcasing prominent artworks by Italian and French masters. With its extensive bay, popular marina and beautiful architecture, it carries the flare of the French Riviera (minus all the crowds) and is simply beautiful of an evening aboard your Sardinia & Corsica luxury yacht charter.

Porto Vecchio, Corsica – the French port town with an Italian name is on the south-eastern coast of Corsica and boasts arguably the most exquisite beaches on the whole island. On your Sardinia & Corsica luxury yacht charter trip, frolic in the shallows of Palombaggia or Tamaricciu and you’ll think you’ve been transported to the balmy Caribbean, where crystal clear waters of indigo and emerald green beckon snorkelers and SCUBA divers alike.

Our Expert Opinion

A perfect blend of Italian and French culture with its own island charm. An alluring Mediterranean destination for those who love to sail. This destination combines the “glamor and glitz” of elite Porto Cervo with majestic off-the-beaten path idyllic bays and stunning beaches. Although the popular ports bustle in the summer months, there are limitless choices for getting away from it all.

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