Croatia - Dalmation Coast

Enchanting Villages, Exquisite Beauty and Crystal Waters

Croatia and its stunning Dalmatian Coast have blossomed in recent years to become one of the hottest new yacht charter destinations in Europe. The Croatian side of the Adriatic boasts clean sparkling waters, ports and islands oozing with history, charm, and world heritage sites; magnificent natural beauty and some of the most hospitable and proud people you’ll ever have the fortune of meeting. On a Croatia yacht charter, you can enjoy the glamor of the French Riviera, the picturesque shores of the Greek Islands and the remoteness of the Philippines. Except here, you can experience all three on the one trip.

Want more? A Croatia yacht charter trip has it. This unassuming European gem produces some of the best wines and olive oils in the world (just don’t tell the Italians, French or Spaniards!) and showcases one of its most alluring coasts. With startling shorelines, a lush seaboard of historic villages and olive plantations set against a backdrop of majestic mountains, there are few stretches of coast anywhere which can compare, for sheer aesthetics alone.

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Why Croatia is the Ideal Yacht Charter Destination

Whether you’re an old hat at the rudder, or a yacht-charter-virgin, the Croatian coastline is perfect in every way. With the plethora of enticing islands clustered close to each other and the mainland, island hopping and indulging in on-shore sightseeing is superbly easy aboard your Croatia yacht charter. Sailing distances are short and options abound, so whether you’re young or old, a yachting expert or a novice, you’ll enjoy a Croatia yacht charter. There’s really something here for everyone, with options to be as active as you wish.

You can dance ‘til dawn on the island of Hvar or feel like the rest of the world has just evaporated when you’re anchored off the pristine island of Mljet. You can tour wineries, kite board, have dinner atop medieval walls, press olives, watch sword dancers, and linger in the hush of a 15th-century cathedral on your Croatia yacht charter trip.

With 1185 islands and an 1100 mile long mainland shore, Croatia boasts over 2,500 miles of coastline.

The most popular Croatia yacht charter itinerary is a one-way sail between Dubrovnik and Split, in whichever direction you please. If you’re a first-time traveler to Croatia this is definitely the one we’d recommend, as it offers a diversity of highlights and includes all the “must see” places.


This is the belle of the Dalmatian Coast ball, the one treasure everyone comes to see. Spectacular in all its medieval glory, the UNESCO-listed walled city of Dubrovnik is breathtaking, most especially when approached from the sea or viewed from above. Aboard your luxury yacht charter in Croatia, Take an all-encompassing walk atop Dubrovnik's ancient walls and don’t even consider leaving without taking a ride on the Dubrovnik Cable Car. The sea of red-tiled roofs and maze of cobblestone alleys are a labyrinth of architectural splendour, stunning enough to even give Venice a run for her money.


On the other end of the coast is Split, with its historic center home to the gorgeous Diocletian Palace, built by a Roman Emperor in the 4th century AD. Split is a large sprawling city yet the historic center is small and compact enough to make a day visit an easy possibility.

The advantage of booking a one-way Croatia yacht charter between Dubrovnik and Split, is that you will have the chance to spend a few extra days in both historic port cities.


The wild unspoilt island where nature reigns supreme. Mljet, only a few hours from Dubrovnik, feels like a world away. Covered in ancient forests for the most part, you’ll find caves to explore, turquoise waters in which to frolic, inland lakes and an old Benedictine monastery to discover on your luxury yacht charter in Croatia. The greenest and most untamed isle on the Adriatic is a nature lover’s dream.

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Zlatni Rat Beach on Brac Island

The first thing which strikes you, as you approach Zlatni Rat Beach, is the colour of the shallow shoreline. It’s a shade of iridescent blue you’d never even expect to find in nature. This short but stunning beach peaks at a dramatic point and is ever-changing thanks to shifting currents. This has often been rated as one of the most beautiful (and strangest) beaches in the world. Don’t miss it when visiting Brac on your luxury yacht charter in Croatia, an island renowned for its sparkling white stone, some of which was even used to build the US White House!

Fresh & Delectable Food

We’ll challenge anyone to say that the local gastronomic fare should not rate as one of the very best highlights of your luxury yacht charter in Croatia. The freshness of the produce and intensity of colors and flavors are simply outstanding. Immense sunshine and just the right year-round climate have that effect on fertile lands. The seafood anywhere along the coast is super fresh and expertly cooked, with the addition of sun ripened tomatoes, olives and piquant goat cheese, it makes local cuisine addictive, healthy and incredibly moreish. Delights to look out for on restaurant menus are crni rižot (risotto with black cuttlefish ink), piping hot cheese-filled burek (sold from many street stands in every town) and any daily specials offered in konobas. Konobas are the Croatian answer to the Italian trattoria, where local regional specialties are cooked daily, in a rustic eatery which is usually devoid of menus but BIG on charm. Needless to say, when a restaurant owner offers you a glass of Plaval Mali red wine to match your ought not to refuse.

These are just tasteful snippets of all that awaits you on a Croatia yacht charter. Check out our detailed itinerary and discover even more amazing things to see and do.

Our Expert Opinion

Croatia is one of the most appealing yachting destinations in the Mediterranean with crystal clean waters, ports and islands simmering with history and charm, world heritage sites, magnificent natural beauty and the most welcoming of people. Its offshore island are close together, making sailing distances short in typically calm seas.

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