Discover Why “Where Happiness Finds You” is the Fijian Mantra

Bobbing along in the South Pacific Sea, between Hawaii and New Zealand, the archipelago of Fiji is one of the lesser-visited yacht charter destinations but, some would say, one of the most enchanting. We wager the bet that the two are arguably connected. In total, this Melanesian hot-spot comprises over 300 tropical volcanic islands, only a third of which are inhabited, and where the overwhelming majority of the population lives on only two islands. You need not be a mathematician to ascertain that the possibilities here for a unique Fiji yacht charter trip offering superlative coral reef diving, mountain hiking, fresh-food feasting, blissful serenity and cultural enrichment....are near infinite.

Imagine if you combined the remote volcanic starkness of the Galapagos, the lush wilderness of the Komodos, the tropical warmth of the Caribbean and the diving options of Southeast Asia, and created a SCUBA diving haven of outstanding marine life, breathtaking landscapes, a touch of exotic culture and bucket loads of deserted coves?

Welcome to Fiji Yacht Charter.

Geography and Topography

Fiji is what happens when you merge warm tropical waters with a plethora of startling volcanic mountains. Aboard your luxury yacht charter in Fiji, you get an archipelago of immense beauty, brimming with wildlife both on land and underwater. Stunning beaches, coconut plantations, verdant hills, rugged mountain peaks and vibrantly colored corals lure discerning yachters in droves, although the sheer expanse of land-over-pristine-waters make you feel like you always have Fiji all to yourself. For sailors who don’t like to share their spoils…this land is ideal. This is the reason honeymoon luxury yacht charters in Fiji are so very popular.

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Mountainous islands with peaks of up to 4,200 feet dot the landscape with dense tropical forests cascading down onto sparkling shores. The interior of most islands is too rocky for settlements, so the great majority of people – which really isn’t that many – live by the coast. And why wouldn’t they? This is where everyone finds Fiji at its best. Guests on Fiji yacht charters included.

Activities Aboard a Luxury Yacht Charter in Fiji

Fiji’s main pleasure is diving, with the destination being home to remote and isolated atolls (like Rotuma in the north) which are life-rich beyond words. On your Fiji yacht charter trip, dive the Supermarket, a hub not unlike an underwater bazaar brimming with sharks of every type as well as innumerable endemic fish, including barracudas, moray eels, as well as five types of sea turtles and dolphins to name a few. These waters are so perfect, they are a favored by humpback whales too. The multicolored coral reefs, in such an unspoilt paradise, are simply breathtaking.

On your Fiji yacht charter vacation, explore a submerged B26-bomber looking for scurrying crabs and Nemos and meander through the complex underwater caves systems and 300 feet deep walls which make up the underwater world of Fiji. No matter how stunning you think Fiji looks like from the plane as you arrive…wait ‘till you see what will be waiting for you under the surface of the crystalline waters.

For more sun in the surf aboard your luxury yacht charter in Fiji, you can kayak, waterski, white water raft and even snorkel alongside the lazy turtles of Korovou Bay. Pump that adrenalin on a skydive in Nadi – what a way to start your Fiji yacht charter trip that would be! Or simply sit back and relax aboard your luxury yacht charter in Fiji. With so much going on outdoors, and underwater, one may easily forget one is aboard a stunning, private, yacht.

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Don’t you worry. We’ll remind you.

Fijian Culture

Fiji may nowadays be a true diver’s paradise although for many centuries it was a seafaring explorer’s definite nightmare. Warm and hospitable but also fiercely protective of their corner of paradise, Fijians were not easily conquered and still nowadays retain their old-fashioned way of life, free from mass commercialization. This is possibly Fiji’s most alluring aspect and the reason many consider it an off-the-beaten-trail destination par excellence.

Converted to Christianity in the 1800s, Fijians are conservative and old-fashioned folks, where modesty and respect are expected and very much given. Beaming smiles welcome you at every turn, along with a slight nod of the head and a hand to the heart. Today, locals are a wonderful fusion of Polynesian and Melanesian, offering visitors and Fiji yacht charter guests a unique and exotic taste of culture not found anywhere else. They thrive in ancient traditional celebrations, incorporating song, dance, colorful costumes, and food, to appease the spirits and guarantee health and prosperity. The Meke is an incredible feast for all the senses and if you’re lucky enough you may even be invited to attend one of these eye-opening and unforgettable local festivities during your Fiji yacht charter trip.

Fijian Cuisine

A world of tropical delights, Fiji is a sensational destination for lovers of exotic food, with an array of delicious fruits and vegetables cultivated on the fertile plains. Fish plays a huge role in the local cuisine, as can be expected, and meat is also often found on many menus. Most dishes incorporate coconut milk and one of the favored starches, like taro, sweet potato or plantain.

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One of the most delectable snacks in Fiji is paulsami, a pocketful of fish or meat cooked in coconut cream, wrapped in taro leaves and steamed or grilled over hot coals. Simple but utterly addictive! For a fantastic feast aboard your luxury yacht charter in Fiji, you can’t go past lovo, a casserole-like meal of fish or meat, sweet potato, and tapioca, simmered in coconut milk and cooked in a pit oven. Smoked, tender and delicious, a lovo is well worth the wait. Hop aboard a Fiji yacht charter and all these delights will be your daily companions.


On Fiji yacht charters, you’ll have multiple itinerary options, most of which cast off from Nadi – the capital – found on the island of Viti Levu. Should you choose the most popular option, you would cast off from Nadi, headed towards the nearby Mamanuca Islands and Yasawa Islands. Those seeking more remote destinations with world class scuba diving on a Fiji yacht charter, will enjoy the northern cruising grounds of 20 volcanic islands including Vanua Levu and Taveuni.

Our Expert Opinion

The underwater world of Fiji is spectacular, and this is one of the best places in the South Pacific for snorkeling and diving. Fiji is vast, and a good itinerary for first timers to sail around Viti Levu and the Mamanuca Islands. May to September is the best time to go.

Local Island Scenes