Revel in the Sunny Side of Life in these Islands of Natural Wonder,

Renowned as one of the world’s top diving and snorkeling destinations, the Maldives are a picture-perfect dream of turquoise waters, blinding white sandy beaches, infinite coral reefs and storybook sunsets. If it all sounds a little too perfect, then let us assure you that the islands of the Maldives need no exaggeration. They are exceedingly spectacular of their own accord.

Aboard a Maldives yacht charter you’ll add unbridled luxury to the outstanding natural landscapes, to create an exceptional sailing experience. Ideal for honeymooners, SCUBA aficionados and anyone who dreams of experiencing a true tropical paradise, in superb luxury and style, a Maldives yacht charter may be just that once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ve been searching.

The Maldives: A Special Kind Of Perfection

The Maldives comprise almost 1200 coral islands, all boasting impossibly idyllic beaches, and some that are home to luxury resorts the likes of which you won’t see anywhere else except on your Maldives sailing holidays. It’s quite amazing to see such grandiose opulence in one of the most unspoilt corners of our planet.

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The entire country is a 600 mile-long underwater ridge which juts out of the ocean as if by sheer will. Being so far removed from any major landmass, makes the water clarity here utterly incredible. Altogether, the islands are grouped in 26 atolls of stunning live coral reefs and sand bars. These islands may well seem perfect above water, yet the treasures they hide underneath are what Maldives sailing holidays so incredibly special. The reef systems home countless species of fish, corals, crustaceans and molluscs, which number in the thousands. The warm, crystal clear waters host five types of sea turtles, dolphins, and whales. Whale sharks are not an uncommon sight. For underwater explorers, The Maldives sailing holidays represent a Nirvana of endless pleasures.

 As a country, the Maldives is a peculiar anomaly. Not only is it the most dispersed nation on earth – with its archipelago stretching 35,000 square miles over the Indian Ocean, but it’s also the lowest. The highest point in the entire country is just 7.8 feet. Standing on top deck of you luxury Maldives yacht charter, and knowing you can look over an entire nation, is quite something.

Abounding Activities

Many rate the beaches in the Maldives as the best in the world and only a blind fool would ever dare argue. Whether fine or coarse, the sand is always blinding white and the seas infinitely inviting. Sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling and diving are the premier attractions here, yet thanks to your own private luxury Maldives yacht charter you’ll have access to plenty more options. Along with snorkeling and diving equipment, you’ll have access to kayaks and fishing gear, a myriad of onboard games and entertainment and, of course, the chance to hop between islands to take advantage of on-shore activities as well.

On Maldives sailing holidays, you can surf in perfect conditions and take lessons in kite-surfing and water-skiing. Submerge in the local culture with village visits and support the local economy by buying hand-made souvenirs from local craftsmen and women.

Scrumptious Cuisine

Typically reliant on fish and seafood, Maldivian cuisine is influenced by South Asian cultures, with most meals being spicy, tasty and often cooked in coconut milk. Your personal chef will ensure your meals aboard your Maldives yacht charter are varied and delectable, and you’ll certainly have plenty of chances of savoring local specialties. Of particular yumminess is mas huni, the breakfast of choice on the Maldives. This is a meal of shredded fish, coconut and onions, smoked to absolute perfection and served with delicious flat bread.

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Highlights on a Maldives Yacht Charter

* Kayaking among manta rays on Banana Reef

* Diving in an ocean brimming with colorful marine life

* Discovering curious-looking fish you never even knew existed

* Visiting the charming fishing villages of Gulhi and Omadhoo Islands

* Discovering a most enticing and unique written script, called Thaana

* Sunset BBQ dinners on a deserted stretch of pristine beach

* A romantic stroll along the beach of a castaway island

* Enjoying an invigorating massage under the shade of an enormous Banyan tree

* Splurging on a blissful spa experience in a luxury island resort

* Savoring gourmet cuisine in the middle of the Indian Ocean

* Candle-lit dinners aboard your private luxury yacht

* Forging life-long memories with the one you love most

Our Expert Opinion

The Maldives are all about the underwater world and magnificent beaches. If you’re not a certified diver, become one before you go. Swimming with manta rays and whale sharks is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Once you leave Male, there are no hotels or funky beach bars, just a medley of luxury resorts offering 5-star dining and spas. Nightlife is minimal – unless, of course, your superyacht crew surprises you with a themed evening of onboard revelry.

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