Montenegro - Kotor Bay

Experience the Wild Beauty of Fjord-like Kotor Bay – Your Gateway to Croatia

In the heart of the Mediterranean, away from the prying eyes of the multitude of tourists who usually besiege the most popular port towns, lies a country so pristine, so unspoilt and so divine, it’s barely even known. Montenegro is a splendor of a nation, boasting immensely beautiful bays and coves - and offering history and culture along with an intense dose of gorgeousness. Increasingly popular as a gateway to Croatia, thanks to its non-EU tax-free status, Montenegro is an excellent embarkation point for Croatia yacht charters.

Start your Montenegro luxury yacht charter adventure by spending a few days discovering the splendid port towns of Kotor and Tivat, before casting off to explore the wonderful Croatian archipelago.

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Montenegro – an Overview

Traversed and framed by snowy peaks, and drenched in superb alpine landscapes, Montenegro may be one of Europe’s smallest country, but by no means is it the least enticing. Verdant pristine forests and mountains literally tumble into the deep-blue Mediterranean, creating a thespian scene that’s utterly unique in the region. There may not be much of a coast to boast about – barely 60 miles or so – but if anything has ever existed to prove that quality trumps quantity, then the Montenegrin coast would have to be it. Sneaking in a little jaunt here, on your Montenegro luxury yacht charter, is bound to add an unexpected highlight to your adventure.

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Nestled deep within the striking Gulf of Kotor is a charming seaside town that’s more than two and a half thousand years old. In the Middle Ages, Kotor was a walled village of cultural and religious prominence. Nowadays, it is a UNESCO-listed medieval gem, brimming with Baroque palaces and Romanesque churches interspersed in the cobblestoned labyrinth of its historic quarter. If you love romance, history and drop-dead-stellar settings, then your love affair with Kotor will be torrid and all-encompassing. Kotor shares the allure of Venice and Dubrovnik, but with the added bonus of pristine alpine surroundings. Certainly not a shabby way to cast off on a Montenegro luxury yacht charter!

© Jim Raycroft

© Jim Raycroft

© Jim Raycroft


Montenegro is headed towards yachting superstardom, and one need only see the new multi-million dollar superyacht marina in Tivat to unabashedly agree. Only half a dozen miles away from Kotor, but on the other side of the promontory, Tivat is developing into a vibrant yachting stop-over on Adriatic yacht charters. It may not be as remarkable as Kotor – although admittedly, very few places are – yet still makes for a very pleasant start to a Montenegro luxury yacht charter. If anything, it offers the unrivalled chance to visit the delightful villages of nearby peninsulas.

If you have the luxury of extra days either before or after your Croatia yacht charter, consider spending them in Montenegro. Taking a guided tour to one of the many national parks and exploring the lakes region in the country’s interior are particularly easy, and infinitely rewarding. You’ll arguably enjoy some of the wildest and best scenery in all of southern Europe, free of major commercialization and overdevelopment.

Due to the legalities of yacht chartering in Croatia, many non-Croatian flagged yachts must legally embark from Montenagro and then can end the charter anywhere in Croatia. A one-way itinerary from Montenegro to Split in Croatia is ideal and currently saves you from paying a hefty VAT (value added tax).

Our Expert Opinion

Montenegro is the “VAT-free” gateway to Croatia which is the premier yacht charter destination in the region. The voyage through the fjord-like Bay of Kotor to get to the Adriatic Sea is breathtakingly beautiful. A side trip to the ancient city of Kotor prior to your charter is a must.

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