Myanmar (Burma)

Take a Breath. Mysterious, Magical and Untouched – Perfectly Pristine Reefs and Beaches

The Mergui archipelago off the southwestern coast of Myanmar (formerly Burma) is one of the world’s least explored corners and comprises over 800 stunning and mostly uninhabited islands. Floating on the Andaman Sea far away from the throngs of tourists which converge on the mainland, this lost sea world is an adventurous sailor’s dream destination. Exotic, rarely visited and boasting immense natural wonders, the Mergui islands are idyllic when explored aboard a Myanmar yacht charter.

A handful of indigenous sea gypsy tribespeople live here, among unspoiled wilderness made up of tropical jungles, dramatic rocky shores and sparkling sandy beaches. Waters of turquoise and sapphire lap the print-less shores, and an underwater world brimming with colourful creatures await the intrepid diver.

If you think there’s no place left on earth where you can feel like an ancient seafaring explorer, casting your eyes on treasure filled islands and exploring coves, beaches and reefs never before seen by man…you’re mistaken. Myanmar’s coastal region is one of the last untapped wonders of our planet, and discovering it aboard a luxury yacht charter about as enchanting and unforgettable as sailing can be.


The Mergui archipelago was out of tourist bounds until the very late 90s, and even nowadays there are many parts, and entire islands, that have never really been explored. And we mean by anyone. A kaleidoscope of ecosystems, the flora and fauna of Mergui have been left unaffected by modernity, resulting in an incredible diversity. Comprising granite rock and rich tropical forests, the islands are luscious and dramatic in equal measure. Stroll along deserted beaches, snorkel in transparent turquoise waters, hike up to hilltops for sunset views and relish the unique experience of sailing around an amazing archipelago with only a handful of other yachts for company.


Head on land for jungle hikes and you can come across tribes of loud and curious spectacled monkeys, adorable pangolins, flying foxes, turtles and even elephants. The best SCUBA diving months are between December and April, and at this time you can look forward to colonies of manta rays, whale sharks, dugongs, dolphins and an infinite array of colourful tropical fish, as well as killer whales for a few lucky guests every season. Prime diving sites abound here, as beaches with shallow waters that are perfect for a snorkel.

Unique Culture on a Myanmar Yacht Charter

The Moken people, a nomadic seafaring tribe, have been living on these waters for hundreds of years. They live in such symbiosis with the sea and their natural surroundings that during the 2004 Tsunami, they suffered very few casualties. Having read climate and sea conditions correctly, almost all had managed to head inland, and upward, before the colossal waves hit their shores.

The Moken have had a bit of a tough time in recent decades, with local government initiatives to either relocate them, force them to live on land, or turn them into tourist attractions, diluting their culture ever so slightly on the main southern islands. But most day trippers visit only the southernmost islands, whilst on a luxury Myanmar yacht charter you’ll have the enviable chance to visit the few Moken tribes living further north, where they still free-dive for their livelihood, hunt wild pigs with sling-shots and set up snares to snag wild deer. Admire your chef bartering for gigantic king prawns with local fishermen (grilled to perfection later, for your dining pleasure) as children swarm around you for a selfie. Interactions with local Moken tribespeople will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of your yacht charter experience in the Mergui.

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Logistics on Your Myanmar Yacht Charter

Board your private jet to Ranong, in Thailand and transfer to your Myanmar Yacht charter in Kawthaung, also known as Victoria Point. Kawthaung is the gateway to the Mergui Archipelago and the starting point of your sailing adventure. You’ll acquire a Visa on Arrival that’s valid for cruising the archipelago, and a separate visa for exploring the mainland, which will be all organized for you.

Our Expert Opinion

The Mergui Archipelago is untouched and shimmers with astonishing beauty on land and in the water. It only opened to tourism 20 years ago, and access is highly regulated. Although there are a few local villages and one resort, the only beach bar is the one you’ll make yourself. The diving is phenomenal; nature walks, hiking, kayaking and paddle boarding are sublime.

Local Island Scenes