Raja Ampat

Dive Into this Paradise on Earth With More Underwater Species than Anywhere

Indonesia may be renowned for boasting some of the world’s most splendid archipelagos, yet among the kaleidoscope of excellent yacht charter destinations, Raja Ampat stands resplendent. Home to the largest marine biodiversity of any corner of our planet, Raja Ampat is a mecca for sailing aficionados who dream of superb nature, enticing culture and just enough remoteness to feel a million miles away from everyday life aboard Raja Ampat yacht charter. When you book a Raja Ampat yacht charter, especially if aboard one of our traditional Indonesian sailing pearls like the Silolona, you can look forward to an unforgettable journey of infinite discoveries, where simple yet enticing fishing villages, souvenirs made of shells and happy smiling children are your constant companions.

The Islands of Raja Ampat

When you first set eyes on the islands Raja Ampat you’d be forgiven for thinking you’ve stumbled upon a period movie set. It’s hard to imagine that these humble people, who live in modest thatched-roof huts, who fish by day and spend evenings huddled around a bonfire singing and dancing, live on the same planet as everyone else. This is another world. A world where time is irrelevant and life is simple yet ever so rich. The Four Kings – the English translation of Raja Ampat – comprise more than 1,500 idyllic islands, the main four being Salawati, Batanta, Misool and Waigeo. As enticing as life above the water is here, nothing compares to what awaits you below the surface on your Raja Ampat yacht charter trip.

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When you cast off on a Raja Ampat yacht charter, you’ll be exploring a corner of the so-called Coral Triangle, a region of immense marine diversity which includes waters of Indonesia, East-Timor, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines and the Solomon Islands. Conservationists call this the ‘Amazon of the Seas’, for its stark beauty, immense diversity and environmental importance.

Raja Ampat is framed on either side by the Pacific and Indian oceans, and richness in nature extends above sea level, where islands are lusciously covered in verdant wilderness, waters superbly crystalline and wildlife, of all sorts, just thrives unperturbed.

If you’re looking for paradise on earth…then dare we say you’ve just found it on your Raja Ampat yacht charter trip.

There’s something quite mystical about the culture and history of this region, one which headlined the spice trade in the east, yet managed to dodge full-blown conquest and colonization. Even nowadays, despite the ease of plane travel, Raja Ampat still flies below the radar of most travellers, bar the most adventurous ones. Getting here is no plain nor fast sailing, yet all the geographical isolation spells bliss for those who do make it over.

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Raja Ampat Yacht Charter Highlights

The sheer number of corals and fish is enough to make SCUBA divers and snorkelers aboard a Raja Ampat yacht charter swoon in delight. There are more than 10 times the varieties of coral here than are found on the Caribbean, served alongside silver platters brimming with colossal caves, pristine rainforests and fine sand coral beaches. This is the place to immerse yourself in nature, where you can go days and days on end without seeing a single man-made structure – bar your luxury Raja Ampat yacht charter, of course – where time stands still and where you have the luxury of disconnecting from the rest of the world. There aren’t many places which offer this kind of superb solitude. And on a Raja Ampat yacht charter, solitude comes with your own luxury stateroom, a private chef, a masseuse, a water sport guides and infinite sundowners under crystal clear skies.

If you’ve been yearning for a yacht charter vacation where you can dedicate yourself completely to your chosen vessel, and splendid seas, then a Raja Ampat yacht charter was dreamed up with you in mind. Our yachts include the magnificent 165’’ Silolona, a locally made sailing treasure that is as splendid as the islands in which she sails.

Water activities abound with yachts carrying an array of fun toys. From fishing gear to paddle boards, water-skis, wakeboards, windsurfs, doughnut rides and kayaks, our luxury Raja Ampat yacht charters are not just about luxury and comfort but also, endless fun!

Our Expert Opinion

Mystical, primitive in the most lovely sense of the word, undiscovered and remote, this is a destination for those seeking premier snorkeling and diving and appreciate the vibrant local culture that lives quite simply.

Local Island Scenes