Escape to Another World – Pristine, Remote and Eco-friendly

If there ever were a true Garden of Eden on it would have to be the Seychelles. This small archipelago off the eastern coast of Africa boasts uninhabited coralline islands and one of the richest marine biodiversities on the planet. Along with the Maldives, they comprise the most revered treasure of the Indian Ocean and one of the world’s most coveted diving hubs. If you’re after a chance to completely disconnect from your everyday life and wish to enjoy an unforgettable yacht charter vacation of crystalline sea, pristine sand and heavenly sun, then you could pick no better escape than a Seychelles yacht charter.

As one of the many mantras here states...

“Welcome to the Seychelles. No, You’re not Dreaming”

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Where Nature Reigns Supreme

The Seychelles, a honeymooners and scuba divers’ dream destination, is a fiercely protected pocket of marine wildlife reserve. It comprises 115 islands, only a few of which are inhabited and most which are designated as nature reserves. At the heart of the archipelago lie 45 granite isles, said to be the oldest of their kind in the world. In the abundance of outer coral islands, which boast reefs brimming with sea creatures, you’ll discover innumerable endemic species of land animals and flora, including orchids and a very special coco de mer aboard your Seychelles sailing charter.

On a private Seychelles yacht charter, you’ll have the enviable chance to explore the far reaches of the archipelago, and be as secluded as you wish. In total, there are over 1,000 different species of marine animals with which you can snorkel and dive, and an immense number of vibrant coral reefs just bursting with colorful life. The further away you get from the inhabited islands, the larger the concentration of underwater life. So cast off on a Seychelles sailing charter into the deep blue horizons and explore a world of immense natural beauty.

Exceptional Diving and Snorkeling

With an entire constellation of walls, reefs, pinnacles, canyons, drop offs and wrecks, all teeming with abundant life, the Seychelles remain one of the world’s top diving and snorkeling destinations. Waters are calm, warm and pristine, making long excursions underwater an absolute delight.

Sites range in depth from 26 to 100 feet and there are plenty of options for both beginners and experienced masters. The clarity of the water makes snorkeling a fantastic option for those who don’t dive, which is perfect for groups of friends of differing skills. Diving on a Seychelles yacht charter is a year-round affair and that’s what makes this a particularly prized location. Expect to see a myriad of angelfish, lionfish, nudibranchs, octopus, stingrays, parrotfish, and several species of sharks and turtles…among many, many more on your Seychelles sailing charter.

Culture and Cuisine

The Seychelles are home to an exotic fusion of cultures – with African, Indian and Chinese being the most prominent. This eclectic mix of cultures has given rise to a most distinctive identity, where you’ll discover tidbits of each ethnicity permeating in the customs and culinary specialties. A unique Creole blend, the gastronomic delights in the Seychelles utilize the seafood and spices for which these islands are so renowned.

© Seychelles Tourism Board

Highlights on a Seychelles Yacht Charter

* Diving some of the most diverse and bountiful coral reefs on earth

* On-shore excursions to explore rainforests, swim under stunning waterfalls and walk alongside giant Aldabra tortoises

* A night of dining, drinking and socializing in one of the popular port towns

* A contemplative afternoon spent fishing off you private yacht

* An exquisite seafood dinner with your catch as the main course

* A full day exploring the cultural treasures on Mahe, the main island

* An entire afternoon of pampering at the world-class Raffles Spa

* Calm nights in quiet anchorages counting shooting stars with your beloved

* Delectable Creole-inspired meals created by your personal chef

Our Expert Opinion

This is the charter destination for those who seek solitude, secluded coves, exquisite natural beauty, and an underwater wonderland. Half of the islands are protected as a marine reserve and play host to a kaleidoscope of rare birds. This is the perfect destination for a sailing yacht or catamaran as the winds average 10 to 20 knots year round.

Local Island Scenes