Spain - Balearic Islands

Stomp With Flamenco Dancers, Disco Til Dawn, or Party With Mother Nature in a Secluded Cove… the Choice is Yours.

Spain and her stunning Balearic Islands are a delectable yacht charter destination, in every way imaginable. Turquoise and sapphire waters, an addictive cuisine, and an archipelago offering secluded coves, a laid-back island lifestyle and an abundance of sun and surf. On a Spain and the Balearic Islands yacht charter, you get to experience it all...every single day.

The Balearics are Spain at its dreamy best, with famous islands offering the best of the cuisine and culture, and lesser visited islets hiding deserted coves only accessible by boat. Want to feel like you have one of the world’s most popular destinations all to yourself? Then a Spain and Balearic islands yacht charter is your ticket to Mediterranean paradise, where glamor, nature, history, culture, and an outstanding underwater world, will be part of your daily life.


Mallorca is considered the crown jewel of a Spain and Balearic Islands yacht charter, thanks to its comprehensive array of attractions. Saying Mallorca ‘has something for everyone’ seems cliché and redundant. Except here, it’s incredibly true. On your luxury yacht charter in Mallorca, sail along the coast and you’ll swim off deserted beaches and pristine coves, while an abundance of culture, history and architecture awaits you in every town and village. In the mini-Barcelona that is the capital - Palma - you can indulge in world-class restaurants, sundowners in impossibly trendy bars, and plenty of retail-therapy in designer boutiques. Delve into the lush interior and hike through pristine wilderness and verdant hills overflowing with olive groves and vineyards during your Balearic Islands yacht charter trip. Work up a sweat ascending the mountains of the Serra

de Tramuntana range, where you’ll stumble upon unspoilt villages revered by solitude-seeking artists. For something unique, be serenaded by a string quartet as you explore the far reaches of the 5.5 million years old Dragon Caves.


Menorca can easily be considered the quiet achiever of the Balearic archipelago; the one which doesn’t get nearly as much attention as it should. Yet sail around her on your luxury Balearic Islands yacht charter and you may agree with us when we say: that’s a most delightful plus. Menorca is the least developed of the islands, the most unspoilt, the most blissfully serene and certainly the most ideal one for adventure-seeking castaways. This speck of Mediterranean haven secretly boasts more beaches than most of the other islands combined, so finding one all to yourself - even at the height of the European summer season - is ever easy aboard your Balearic Islands yacht charter. UNESCO-protected since 1993, Menorca showcases an incredibly diverse biosphere and, if that’s not enough, is home to the largest collection of prehistoric sites, anywhere on earth.

And don’t even get us started on the home-made goat cheese and hand-made leather sandals....

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The Spain of endless summer party nights, glamorous nightclubs, flowing cocktails and lazy days spent on endless stretches of beach: that’s Ibiza in a Balearic nutshell. Ibiza is seductive and self-indulgent, yet behind the copious amounts of hedonism hides a not-so-hidden secret: Ibiza is a real stunner. Cast your eyes on her dazzling coastline, most especially at sunset, and you’ll no longer wonder why 6 million people – that’s over 50 times its permanent population – converge here at the height of the summer season.

Yet the best part of visiting on a private Balearic Islands yacht charter is that if it all gets a little too much, you can simply cast off to an isolated cove and be immediately embraced by peaceful natural surroundings. Despite all the hype, Ibiza still boasts that Balearic Islands perfection countless yacht charter guests seek, year after year.


On the southern tip of the Balearic archipelago lays Fomentera, the smallest of the four main islands. Despite the fact it doesn’t even have its own airport, this is still one of the most visited in high-season. Nevertheless, if you choose your Spain and Balearic Islands yacht charter outside the month of August, you’ll find Formentera to be a blissfully relaxing hub, with a laid-back vibe and outstanding sparkling beaches reminiscent of the Caribbean. Clothing-optional beaches, rewarding snorkeling, a fantastic ancient Roman walking trail granting breathtaking island views, and priceless solitude, are just some of the enticing aspects of Formentera.

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The Outer Islands

Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera may hold pole position when it comes to a Balearic Islands yacht charter itinerary, yet they are by no means the only islands you can visit. Amidst the multihued warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea is the Cabrera Archipelago National Park, a small cluster of islets (most of which are uninhabited) offering unforgettable snorkeling and diving off its coastlines and invigorating hiking in its interior. Cabrera is the main island, and it’s surrounded by 18 smaller isles. This cluster is perfect for nature-loving Robinson Crusoes, who want to enjoy a luxury cruising experience among unspoilt wilderness, home to hundreds of birds, an astonishing underwater world and an array of endemic flora. The odd 14th-century castle and museum are thrown in there for good measure. Only an hour’s sail away from Mallorca, Cabrera is an absolute must-visit on any Spanish and Balearic Islands yacht charter trip.

Cuisine and Culture

The Balearic Islands may be an autonomous community in their own right but, fortunately for you and all yacht charter guests, they are still very much Spanish. Locals are warm and hospitable, proud of their Catalan heritage and open to foreign visitors.

Seafood is king in these parts, as can be expected of such an exceptional fishing mecca, and all the inhabited islands are also big on tending to their home-grown vegetables, herbs and sun-kissed fruits. And if fish is king, then wine is most

definitely its queen, and you’ll find plenty of regional varieties to suit your palate aboard your Balearic Islands yacht charter.

Trying the local olive oil here is imperative, especially in Mallorca. It is a regional specialty that’s particularly difficult to find on the mainland and actually makes for an amazing souvenir. Don’t even consider visiting Menorca without feasting on a caldereta de llagosta, a lobster stew that’s so delicious it deserves a spot on your gastronomic bucket-list (even the Spanish King is said to be addicted to the dish and travels here often to feast on it) and, if you visit Ibiza on your Spain and Balearic Islands yacht charter and NOT eat your own body weight in fao (a herb infused goat cheese), then you’re doing it all wrong.

We suggest you come back next year and sail it all over again…

Our Expert Opinion

Glitzy and pulsating or serene and placid – the measure of each is up to you. Although know for its 24/7 ebullient tempo, it’s easy to escape to unhurried villages where dawn arrives with a hush and morning begins with a splash into crystal waters. Spain ,having recently changed its charter laws, is the new crown jewel of the Western Med with an infinite array of ultra-luxe superyachts.

Local Island Scenes