Tahiti and French Polynesia

Discover Mana – the Life Force and Spirit that Surrounds and Connects All Living Things

The South Pacific is renowned for endless clusters of archipelagos, comprising thousands of idyllic, Castaway-style islands. One of the stunning highlights of the region is French Polynesia, a country made up of 100-plus coral reef islands and the perfect example a “heaven on earth’ destination. Its main hub of Tahiti is a fantastic base from which to cast off on French Polynesia yacht charters for explorations of this quite expansive area of superbly crystalline seas. From jaw-dropping 5-star resorts with over-the-water bungalows, award-winning restaurants, designer boutiques and superb spas, to utterly uninhabited postcard-perfect islands framed by some of the world’s most thriving reefs, Tahiti and French Polynesia are a kaleidoscope of a thousand perfect moments.

On your French Polynesia yacht charter trip, dive for fun or for dinner! Or just to discover how many incredible colors Mother Nature can hide below the surface of our oceans. Indulge in a relaxing beachside massage while being caressed by a refreshing sea breeze, or work up an appetite hiking to hidden waterfalls. Snorkel with manta rays, feast on lobsters, sip sundowners and enjoy this incredible paradise, from the comfort of your own luxury French Polynesia yacht charter.

Highlights Aboard French Polynesia Yacht Charters

The Society Islands of French Polynesia are a premier yacht charter destination and include like Tahiti, Bora Bora, Taha’a, Mo’orea, Raiatea and Huahine. If you’ve ever seen a ‘this cannot possibly be real!’ photo of French Polynesia it’s most likely the picture was taken at one of these magnificent places. The most revered gems of French Polynesia, these incredible islands are Photoshop personified, serving up a multihued landscape that’s difficult to believe. On your Tahiti yacht charter vacation, explore verdant forest-centered islets, framed by impossibly white sandy beaches, all floating among sapphire and emerald colored seas.

On your Tahiti yacht charter trip, below the surface of the sea, you’ll discover balmy waters and a world of marine wonders. Atolls and reefs bursting with life; with colorful soft and hard corals, manta and eagle rays, moray eels and millions of colorful tropical fish that swim below you, above you and all around you. These are the world’s most astonishing snorkeling islands, with visibility so pristine you barely need to get your head under to be privy to the amazing spectacle.

On land, you’ll encounter the warmest people you’ll ever meet, with a ready and infectious smile. The endearing cultures of French Polynesia are arguably the most hidden treasure of Tahiti, people for whom nature reigns supreme, who signify their marital status by tucking a flower behind their ear, who live off the land and the sea and show immense respect for both. People who live in paradise and delight in sharing it with visitors and guests aboard Tahiti yacht charters.

On your Tahiti yacht charters itinerary,include a day of luxurious pampering at Bora Bora, explore the sacred temples of Huahine and discover her endless coconut groves. Hike the highest peaks of Mo’orea for spectacular coastal views and pay homage in Raiatea, the revered ‘birthplace’ of Polynesian culture. Learn all about the highly coveted vanilla orchids of Taha’a and splurge on a finely crafted piece of jewelry made with the locally cultivated black pearls. Some say it’s the most beautiful of all. Why not come see for yourself?

Our Expert Opinion

A paradise on earth of sultry islands with shimmering turquoise lagoons, idyllic powder beaches, signature luxe resorts, a brilliant underwater world, and lovely welcoming people. Take ten days if you can.

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