The Amazon River

South America is an incredibly varied yacht charter destination, offering guests a wonderful kaleidoscope of experiences. Whether sailing through vertiginous icebergs in Patagonia, cruising the luscious depths of the Amazon, meeting the unique wildlife of the Galapagos or exploring the splendid coastline of Brazil, you’ll find a yacht charter itinerary that’ll tick all your boxes. No matter where you choose to wander, you’ll always encounter that enticing Latino culture for which this continent is so renowned. The colorful people, delectable food, fantastic shopping and endearing music will follow you wherever you anchor. Aside from the historical and cultural highlights, guests aboard yacht charters in South America will be privy to some of our planet’s most astonishing natural wonders.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive yacht charter vacation that combines startling wilderness, with wildlife galore, mouth-watering epicurean delights and fascinating cities brimming with interesting architecture and vibrant nightlife, then you’d find no place more rewarding than South America.

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South America Yacht Charters in Brazil

As the fifth largest country in the world, and comprising three major ecosystems – the Amazon, the Atlantic Forest and the Cerrado - Brazil is a phenomenal destination to visit. Renowned as one of the world’s most biodiverse countries and boasting a superb coastline spanning more than 7, 500 miles, this is one of South America’s premier yacht charter hubs. Sailing up the coast at sunrise from Paraty to Rio de Janeiro, and being greeted by the outstretched hands of the Christ the Redeemer Statue with Sugarloaf Mountain in the background, is an utterly breathtaking sailing experiences. Time your vacation to coincide with the Rio Carnival – the most outrageously fun party of the year – or head here to catch a few games of the 2016 Olympics. Rio in ‘party mode’ is spellbinding and something everyone should aim to feel, see and hear at least once in their lives. Once you’ve taken the highlights of Rio, from Copacabana Beach to stylish Ipanema, to feasting in a churrascaria, add a sprinkle of superb R&R to your trip aboard luxury yacht charter in Brazil and add Angra Dos Reis to your itinerary. Just south of Rio is where you’ll find this archipelago of 365 pristine islands, all offering a different vibe and mood for each day of the year. Tour ancient sugar cane plantations, explore historic cobblestone towns, meet seafaring cultures that are all but cut off from the rest of the world, hike through unspoiled forests and – at least once a day – soak up the rays in one of the innumerable sparkling beaches to be found here.

Luxury Yacht Charters Along the Amazon River Cruise

Heading off to explore the heart of the Amazon Rainforest is probably on everyone’s bucket-list. Sailing on a luxury Amazon river cruise is, however, a luxurious dream only the lucky few can experience. Like the most pivotal artery on our planet, the Amazon River beats and pulsates with life. A treasure trove of endemic wildlife, rare pink dolphins, sloths, jaguars, caimans and endless species of monkeys and birds. An Amazon River yacht charter offers the ultimate nature lover’s escapade. Spend days gingerly cruising the river, spotting animals as you sail along, being woken up by the howling of excited monkeys and learning the different calls of the colorful toucans. Enjoy hikes through seemingly impenetrable forests and learn all about the medicinal plants that have kept countless tribes here thriving since time immemorial. A yacht charter voyage in the Amazon is unlike any other trip you’ll ever take, and one the most ethereal travel experiences in all of South America.

Private Yacht Charters in Patagonia

The end of the world is this continent’s most mesmerizing ‘bookend’ and a magnificent place to explore, especially from the comfort (and warmth!) of a private South America yacht charter. It’s really quite amazing how such a remote place, battered by the harsh elements, can be so beautiful. Glaciers that sparkle so bright they hurt the eyes, snow peaked granite peaks that glow red in the sun and multi-hued forests with not a single soul in sight. Except for wildlife. There are always creatures roaming about Patagonia! Considering much of this rugged and spellbinding coastline is only accessible by boat, the southern end of South America - which Argentina and Chile share in equal measure - is a very rewarding yacht charter destination indeed. Tackle a glacier hike in Tierra del Fuego, sip mate as you watch killer-whales hunt for seals off the coast of Punta Arenas; lose count of the curious furry penguins on Magdalena Island and celebrate with a few glasses of vino in Santa Cruz’s premier wine region. Head off on a Patagonia yacht charter and all these wonders will be right outside your cabin door.

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Charter a Luxury Yacht and Cruise the Galapagos Islands

Come meet the most enigmatic, unique and gorgeous animals in the South America continent, in the place that inspired Charles Darwin in his evolutionary theory. The Galapagos Islands, just off the coast of Ecuador, are remote, protected and best discovered by yacht. These volcanic islets are chock-full of stunning creatures, from the cormorant that doesn’t fly, to the Sally Lightfoot crab that replenishes lost limbs and the prehistoric looking marine iguana. The inquisitive sea lions that love nothing more than to snorkel with you and the funny albatross with their theatrical mating dance. Lie with seals on the ashen sand beaches of San Cristobal, hike up the peak of Isabella and take in the awe-inspiring views, visit 150 year old giant tortoises on Santa Cruz and take in the splendor of a Galapagos sunset from the comfort of your luxury yacht charter, anchored just in front of magical Kicker Rock. The Galapagos are so incredibly wild and extraordinary that they have the power to literally transform the way you view the world, as a whole. Totally unmissable.

From the dramatic tip of Patagonia to the wildlife brimming isles of the Galapagos, and all that is enticing in between…a South America yacht charter offers you an incredible world of sailing possibilities.

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