Trinidad Carnival and Tobago

Lively It Up at One of the Best Carnivals in the World. Move Over, Rio.

Renowned as one of the most colorful and vibrant festivals in the Caribbean region, the Trinidad Carnival is a spectacle of boisterous celebrations and spectacular costumes, framed by a postcard-perfect backdrop of idyllic tropical landscapes. With entrancing music, amazing dancing and an abundance of delectable food, the 2-day event attracts revelers and yacht charter guests from all over the world. If you have only one chance to visit Trinidad and Tobago on a luxury yacht charter, then make sure you time your vacation with Trinidad Carnival. On Trinidad yacht charters, you’ll have the enviable chance of enjoying the festivities of one island, and the blissful relaxation of the other.

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Trinidad and Tobago

This twin-island paradise is a country of its own accord, snuggled between the Caribbean and the north-eastern coast of Venezuela. While Trinidad is incredibly popular and visited, Tobago is the a little more visitor-shy, so the two isles offer diverging scenes and vibes. The beauty of a Trinidad and Tobago Carnival yacht charter…is that you can have it all!

Trinidad for the Carnival

On the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday each year, Trinidad simply explodes with carnival fever, although celebrations are held consistently for the whole period between Christmas and Lent. A Trinidad Carnival yacht charter is a superlative way to experience this joyous event and even though carnival season is a long-held tradition in all the Caribbean nations, you won’t find a destination that can ever compete with Trinidad. If you want the most fun, most exuberant and most unforgettable, then Trinidad Carnival is definitely the one carnival in the Caribbean you’ll want to attend.

Trinidad is a bubbly, modern island and offers a plethora of great dining and shopping options, plus an ever-vibrant flair. For anything remotely ‘sociable’, Trinidad is your island.

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Tobago for the Relaxation

Tobago, on the other hand, is like her quiet, unassuming cousin, where all that is cosmopolitan and commercial is traded in for unspoilt wilderness and a very chilled out atmosphere. The contrast of the two island is perfectly complementing and the primary reason Tobago and Trinidad yacht charters are so popular, especially at Carnival time.

We’ll be the first to admit that there aren’t many people who can party hard for 48 hours and emerge unscathed. Knowing that on Trinidad yacht charters vacation, you’ll have plenty of chances to unplug for a while, and delight in some blissful rest, is simply priceless. Snorkel and dive the reefs off the Tobago shores, and find quiet little nooks that are ideal for some R&R as well as relaxing water activities. Even at Trinidad Carnival time, when crowds swell, trust that your captain will sniff out a quiet beach for you, and retreat you to some contemplative corner of the island, if you wish for some serenity just a step away from the hustle, bustle and beat of the dancing drums.

Fun, fusion and frivolities on Trinidad, and laid-back relaxation on Tobago. The choice is yours.

Choose a Trinidad and Tobago Carnival yacht charter for your next sailing vacation and experience the Caribbean at its very best.

Future Carnival Dates:

2017 – 27th & 28th February

2018 – 12th & 13th February

2019 – 4th & 5h March

Our Expert Opinion

The Trinidad Carnival is a “once in a lifetime” for those with the party spirit – a feast for the eyes, ears and palate. Only Rio is grander. Combine the revelry with a luxury yacht charter. Also lovely alternative destination for the summer hurricane months as it is considered to be below the hurricane belt.

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