U.S. Virgin Islands

“Lime” – the West Indian Verb for Doing Absolutely Nothing – in America’s Favorite Paradise

A U.S. Virgin Islands Yacht Charter is the gateway to the most popular yacht charter destination in the world – the British Virgin Islands. For US-based sailors, it’s certainly not hard to see why that would be. Conveniently located just a short plane ride away, these Caribbean havens offer a world of tropical wonder, incredible underwater adventures and a bevy of historical and cultural attractions. Within hours of leaving home, you could be aboard your own private luxury yacht, about to cast off on a weeklong sail of some of the most idyllic islands on our planet. And what’s not to love about that?

Convenience and Flexibility

Ideal for first-time charters, as well as families, honeymooning couples and everyone in between, US Virgin Islands yacht charters offer an array of fun and enticing activities in sublime, balmy, year-round climate. Crystal clear waters, impossibly picturesque islands, delectable food and a wealth of itinerary choices mean you can come back time and again to sail on the US Virgin Islands yacht charters, and never have to follow the same route twice.

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An Abundance of Choice

Being the most popular destination also means that the US Virgin Islands, and their British counterparts, are home to a wide array of yachts, catamarans and superyachts, so finding the right ‘home on the water’ to suit your needs and desires is easy. Moreover, the sheer variety of islands and attractions translates to a comprehensive sailing experience, where you can fit in sensational SCUBA diving and snorkelling, brilliant shopping, fantastic dining and plenty of onshore excursion to your US Virgin Islands yacht charter's itinerary. You can sail endlessly, or make your in-between island jaunts short and sweet: the choice is yours.


St Thomas - The most popular starting point of our US Virgin Islands yacht charters, and a perfect springboard for British Virgin Islands explorations, St Thomas is that picture-perfect island you’ve been dreaming of, all these years. With its busy port and vibrant town life, it’s a wonderful introduction to the Virgin Islands, and if you have time we’d highly recommend you spend a few days here before joining your US Virgin Islands yacht charters. Not only will you find a host of great stuff to see and do, but you’ll have the chance to unwind from your busy schedule and ready yourself for a superlative and relaxing yacht charter vacation.

St Thomas is renowned for its pristine beaches, gourmet dining, world-class golf and designer shopping, so it really offers the best of the US Virgin Islands in a compact little idyllic package. If travelling in the northern winter season, you’ll enjoy spending a few hours on Magens Bay Beach, rated by Conde Nast as one of the world’s most beautiful stretches of sandy beach. The island is brimming with superb duty-free shopping – the best in the Virgin Islands in fact – in hubs like the Yacht Haven Grande, downtown Charlotte Amalie, Crown Bay Centre and Havensight Mall, among others. With a hefty duty-free allowance at your disposal 9USD1,600 per person) and better prices than you’d find at home, adding a shopping jaunt to your US Virgin Islands yacht charters is a brilliant idea! Visit the Coral World Ocean Park to enjoy a great intro to the superb marine life of the region, or practice your swing at the Mahogany Run Golf Course, which offers breath-taking coastal views and a challenging pat-70 course.

Yacht Haven Grande - When you’re ready to meet up with your luxury yacht charter then head on over to the Yacht Haven Grande, the largest superyacht marina in the US Virgin Islands. More than a simple ‘yacht charter meeting point’ this gorgeous marina is a hive of activity at any time of the week and is a fab place for shopping, dining and luxury yacht admiring. The Saturday morning open-air market is a feast for the senses, as is the array of designer shops like Luis Vuitton, Gucci and other big-name brands. Our personal favourites, however, are the stores run by local artists and jewellery makers, who offer a collection of one-off pieces that make perfect souvenirs.

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St John – This stunner of an island is almost entirely made up of pristine national park, and is brimming with sparkling white sandy beaches and unspoilt verdant wilderness literally cascading into deep sapphire seas. Anchor off in one of the many secluded coves and dive into the crystalline waters, all the while snorkelling with sea turtles and tickling colourful fish.

Ashore, hike up to the Annaberg ruins and old sugar plantations, and work up a sweat (and an appetite) as you head up to the top viewing spots to take in all-encompassing coastal views. You’ll find more shopping along Cruz Bay’s main harbour (in case you didn’t get your fill on St Thomas!) or you could explore the island’s stunning hinterland by 4WD.

The USVI Is the Doorway to the BVI -Everyone who casts off on a US Virgin Island yacht charter points their bow towards the BVI – only a few miles away. You can read more about the British Virgin Islands here.

Between the US and British territories, you’ll explore enticing tropical islands, hide in picturesque coves, and indulge in endless water sports, fine luxury and comfort aboard one of our many superlative yachts.

Our Expert Opinion

The U.S. Virgin Islands are the gateway to the BVI, and together, the Virgins are the most popular sailing destination is the world. Constant trade winds, short sailing distances between islands and calm seas make this is an ideal location for chartering a sailing yacht or catamaran. Don’t “rush” to the BVI - enjoy at least a day in St. John with its pristine beaches, hiking trails and boutique shopping.

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