Whitsunday Islands, AUS

Discover Down Under – Dive the World’s Largest Coral Reef

Do you know that if you were to cast off on a yacht for a circumnavigation of Australia, you’d cover more miles than if you were to reach the country, by sea, from Europe? Australia is the world’s sixth largest country and boasts a mind-boggling 31,000 miles of superb coastline, including over 8,000 islands. With the UNESCO-listed Great Barrier Reef, a collection of impossibly picturesque islands, home of some of the longest and most pristine stretches of blinding-white sand you’ll ever see (anywhere on earth), Australia is a yacht charter paradise bar none. For nature lovers and sea junkies, Down Under is the ultimate dream.

Sure, it’ll take you a while to reach this paradise and cast off on your luxury yacht charter in Australia. But once you do…you’ll never want to leave.

Australia Yacht Charter Highlights

Mention Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, off its north-eastern shores, is the first yacht charter destination that comes to mind. One of the World’s Top 7 Natural Wonders, this underwater spectacular is the largest coral reef on our planet, stretching just over 1,400 miles and home to more than 600 different types of corals and so many different species of fish, crustaceans, mammals and molluscs, that experts have never even attempted to count them. Aboard your luxury yacht charter in Australia, dive or snorkel here the Great Barrier Reef and you’ll come face to face with giant manta rays, harmless sharks, huge turtles, curious dolphins and more colour than you ever imagine Mother Nature creating. If you wish to spend more time underwater than out of it, then the Great Barrier Reef is your ideal Australia yacht charter destination.

One of the reasons the Great Barrier Reef is so coveted and so visited is arguably due to its prime location. This isn’t a barrier reef in the middle of nowhere, but an amazing and convenient destination just off the shores of Australia’s stunning coastline. Dotted just north of the barrier reef are the Whitsunday Islands, a conglomerate of 74 outlandishly beautiful islands, boasting what many claim to be the most beautiful beaches in the world. A bit of a stretch, you say? Head on over and cast off on a yacht charter vacation in the Whitsundays, anchor off Whitehaven Beach, and let us know what you think. Something tells you may well agree. Blissfully protected by the Great Barrier Reef, the waters off the Whitsundays are among the most ideal sailing seas you’ll ever experience, and the sheer variety of attractions, both on and off the boat, in and out of the water, are simply staggering. There are 5* exclusive islands with world-class restaurants, resorts, spas and golf courses, and innumerable options to bushwalk in uninhabited and unspoilt islands. Enjoy your luxury yacht charter in a dream sailing destination, where nature reigns supreme and man, for the great part, is utterly inconsequential. Spend endless days diving, snorkelling, kayaking, swimming and indulging in all the water toys your luxury yacht offers. For true yacht charter aficionados, Australia’s eastern seaboard is pure Utopia.

Not to be outdone, The Kimberly’s - in the country’s north-west corner - also demand unsurpassed attention. Stretching over 154,000 square miles, this is Australia’s other natural wonder, a region that rates as one of the most naturally diverse and least populated on our planet. The sandstone coastline is brimming with incredible gorges, canyons and verdant valleys, and framed by sapphire waters. The contrasts, in this part of the world, are simply outstanding. On an Australia yacht charter in the Kimberly’s, you’ll hike to spectacular waterfalls, come face to face with endemic wildlife, enrich your cultural knowledge with an array of indigenous attractions and sail deep in the heart of dramatic and pristine waterways. Combining nature with ancient culture and unmatched remoteness, our luxury yacht charters in the Australia are designed with the discerning, adventurous sailor in mind,

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Best Season for Australia Yacht Charters

The months between April and November, the Australian autumn and winter, are simply perfect to sail the Great Barrier Reef aboard luxury yacht charters in Australia. The climate is ideal and the lack of rains grants premium visibility for underwater explorations. September and October are ideal months to sail the Kimberly’s, whilst if you wish to explore Sydney and the stunning coastline north to Brisbane, you’d do well to visit between December and April.

All our bespoke Australia yacht charters are designed to suit your desires.

Our Expert Opinion

Australia is vast with a multitude of destinations. The Whitsunday Islands located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef are the most popular with protected sailing, aquamarine waters teeming with fish, and postcard beaches. An extraordinary sailing area.

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