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You Don't Have to Be a Sailor to Enjoy a Family Yacht Charter Vacation.

About 95% of the families that cast off with us have never been on a yacht charter vacation before. They just want something different. Something personal. Something that appeals to all ages. Something that offers quality time with the kids without running all over the place for activities. Somewhere that the parents can enjoy a taste of relaxation while the kids can be as active or as passive as they choose.

No lines to stand in, no schedules, no crowds, no hidden costs: A family yacht charter vacation offers family quality time in a funsplashed setting where everything that you need is already on board with you- your personal chef, your watersports guide, toys, music, games, and a crew to teach you whatever sports you want to learn.

Kid-friendly Crews: Our family yacht charter crews share a vitality and zest for life that is contagious. The Captain will take the kids on early morning fishing expeditions. The chef will lure them into the galley for some cookie making. They will create special games and adventures. And of course - snorkeling, water-skiing, tubing, sandcastles in the sand, cannonballing off the deck... all at your own pace.

Teens Too: No ho-hum or being glued to the devices. Watersports, kayak regattas, volleyball sunsets,beach olympics, learning to sail or wakeboard. Many of our crews are late 20s and 30s and are great role models.

Family Meals: Although gourmet cuisine is our customary bill of fare, our chefs can offer simpler meals for the entire family or create a special Kid's Menu with lots of tempting treats.

Special Kids Activities: Pirates of the Caribbean Day, treasure hunts, fishing derbies, Follow the Leader Sunrise adventures, stargazing, beach barbecues, guided hikes and snorkels, storytelling, conch blowing contests, mocko jumbies, hermit crab races… to name a few!

Loads of toys: Snorkel gear, waterskis, tubes, windsurfers, kayaks, wakeboards,stand up paddleboards, fishing gear, sunfloats, noodles, and scuba gear.  We can even transform the salons into mini cinemas.


"I have to say it was my favorite vacation I've ever been on. The boat was awesome and the crew was even better. We didn't have cell service or internet access (my dad didn't give out the wifi password) so we spent our time interacting. There was no cell phones at breakfast lunch and dinner which was refreshing. I'm now open water certified and im hooked. Being 60 feet under water is a amazing experience. I got to see so many awesome things down there. We learned a new game that we played every night. Never knew you could have that much fun with words. I can't forget the food either. Thanks to my dad for inviting us on the trip"

FAQs About Family Vacation Programs

What is the best Caribbean family yacht charter destination?
No question - it's the BVI. Easy to get to. The islands are close together.. The sailing distances are short. Lots to do. Calm seas. A great place for the family to get its feet wet

Is there a minimum age?
Many crews prefer that the kids are "water safe." We have had people bring infants and toddlers - it's a decision that each family needs to make.

Is a yacht vacation safe for kids?
Absolutely! Safety is a top priority for our crews, and they offer simple guidelines to keep things fun and secure. The exclusivity of the setting coupled with the attentiveness of our crews and staff offers parents a predictable and controlled environment. There are no crowds or stress of the usual kids' tourist spots.

Do the crews babysit?
Not usually - they play with the kids and give 110%, but they have too many other responsibilities to babysit as well. We recommend that you bring a nanny if you want some time for just the two of you.

Do kids get bored?
Are you kidding? Swim, jump off the boat, make pizzas with the chef, hermit crab races, jump off the boat, fish,hunt for treasure,l earn to ski, jump off the boat.. you get the picture?

Are there special rates for kids?
Some yachts offer specials. Search for BVI Family Yacht Charter Specials

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