Yacht Charter Group Activities, Parties, and Themes

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We have a boatload of group activities and usually end up designing new ones for every program that we do.  We love to brainstorm with meeting and incentive planners to create new themes and venues. Here are some of our favorites activities. Many of them are available at no additional cost.

Ocean Getaways logo Raft-Up Party We tie all of the yachts together to create one giant floating party platform. Each yacht is adorned in party decor with the crew serving hors d’oeuvres and drinks. Guests meander from yacht to yacht, socializing. We can even set up a musical stage on a separate yacht anchored off the raft for all to see. Can you limbo rock?

Ocean Getaways logo Swashbucklers' Bash The blast of a cannon roars across the harbor, and a majestic sailing ship rounds the corner under full sail with your company's flags streaming off its top mast. A swarthy band of buccaneers is perched in the rigging, singing sea chanteys and shouting, "Aye, maties, weez goin' to capture the lot of you and make you walk the plank." Each yacht is given a grab bag of party garb - some pirates' patches, bandannas, cutlasses, and earrings.  Your pirates and wenches head for the pirate's beachside pub where we'll be ladling out grog with concoctions like Wenches' Brew and Bluebeard's Revenge.  A buccaneer's band adds to the revelry.

Ocean Getaways logo Caribbean Jump Up You see, you "get down" in Chicago, "boogie" in Boston, and "jive" in Atlanta, but in the Caribbean, you "jump up."  We plant the company flag on our own private island for a Caribbean Carnival evening of rum, reggae, calypso, fire dancers, Mocko Jumbies (Caribbean stilt dancers), and revelry.

Ocean Getaways logo Nautical Fling at the XYZ Company Yacht Club At sunset, a dinghy visits each yacht with a tuxedo topped captain holding a silver tray with a magnum of champagne, a long stem red rose for each guest, and invitations for the party. Guests are invited to don their favorite nautical garb,, i.e. Popeye, Gilligan, Captain Ron, or Ariel, and head ashore for a gala evening at their own private yacht club.

Ocean Getaways logo Enrich Thyself We have several teachers and workshop leaders that can join us for a day and offer  some unique courses and/or discussion topics, i.e. marine/underwater photography; "Pirate Haunts of the Caribbean" (lively history lecture); Soap Operas of the Caribbean Sky (stargazing);  Cooking Caribbean Cuisine with a best-selling author.

Ocean Getaways logo Pirates of the Caribbean Yacht Race Each yacht designates a guest captain who will gather ashore with the "real" captain for the beginning of the race. The horn blows, the "captains" do the crawl down the beach, leap into their dinghies, paddle to their ships, fend off sea monsters along the way, and once on deck, the Buccaneer's Race begins. The pirates and wenches are fortified with Pina Coladas and ready to plunder their way to the next port of call.

Some other additional activities include:

Yacht Dine Around
Treasure Hunt
Sport fishing Derby
A Day at the Seaside Spa
Floating Cocktail Party
Jeep Rally
Watersports Regatta
Beach Olympics
Teambuilding Events



A word of caution... it's a common tendency to overpopulate the program with too many group activities.  What our guests remember and appreciate the most is the uniqueness of the yachting experience, the leisurely pace   and the unending pampering.  Let us be your experts in helping you create a program that achieves the perfect balance of individual and group time.

FAQs About Group Activities

How do you stage cocktail parties?
On a Raft-Up, on a private beach, at a "barefoot in the sand" beach bar, or at an elegant shoreside resort.  Some groups have a larger "mother ship" for group functions. Exclusive use is available for all of these settings.

Can we have group dinners?
Absolutely! We can arrange these on private islands or at shoreside resorts.

How often can the group get together?
As much as you want! Most companies create one group activity each day. We can work with you to create the perfect blend of group and individual time.

Are you able to do meetings?
We can access meeting space at several shoreside resorts.

Is the group too separate?
This is a common question and comes from not understanding how our programs operate. Our clients feel that the group is together more on a yachting program than they are at a resort.

The only time the group has to be on their separate yachts is when we are sailing - usually 1-3 hours a day. Even then, the yachts often sail close together, providing great picture taking opportunities.

The remainder of the time, we’re in a harbor where the yachts are anchored “next door” to each other. People swim, kayak and dinghy back and forth. They mingle at the beach, meet at the local pub, and join together for snorkeling or shopping ventures. The yachts' tenders are on call to take them wherever they want, whenever they want.

Because people are together in an intimate environment exclusively for their group, there's a tremendous amount of bonding and camaraderie that occurs.

Groups from 10 to 300 guests on a single sailing

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