Ten Reasons to Choose a Yacht Charter for Your Next Corporate Incentive or Group

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Ocean Getaways Sun Exclusivity: No matter what your incentive group size is, we offer exclusive use just for your group.  No need to share deckspace or a hotel property with others.

Ocean Getaways Sun Flexible Scheduling: Our luxury charter yachts can depart and return on any day of the week for as few as 3 nights. We fit your schedule! And we design a personalized itinerary just for you.

Ocean Getaways Sun Uniqueness and Wow Factor: Not just another hotel room! Casting off on a multi-million dollar fleet of luxury charter yachts.... visiting the places the big ships cannot get to is definitely unique... truly something that people have not done on their own.

Ocean Getaways Sun Proven: Unique has been the buzzword in incentive travel for a long time, but it doesn't stand alone.  We're unique, and we're also luxurious, reliable, and proven. Check out our corporate client list.

Ocean Getaways Sun Personalized Service: Your incentive award winners are pampered! Each 6-10 guests has their own gourmet chef, their own captain, their own individual watersports instructor, and their own shoreside tour guide. Menus, activities, and excursions are tailored to their preferences.

Ocean Getaways Sun Lots To Do! Swim, snorkel, golf, shop, waterski, learn to sail, beachcomb, hike, stargaze, windsurf, bask in the sun, dance 'til dawn, tour the islands, catch a snooze, read a trashy novel, fish, plus all the customized group activities we create.

Ocean Getaways SunHigh Perceived Value: Because private charter yachts have the connotation of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, guests always estimate that the company is paying far more for the program than it actually costs. The guests feel very well‑rewarded and recognized.

Ocean Getaways Sun Client Satisfaction: Our yachting incentive programs always surpass clients' expectations. Your biggest challenge will be how to top it the next year!

Ocean Getaways Sun FUN! Laughter resonates, spirits soar, and the mind and soul are invigorated.

Ocean Getaways Sun Rejuvenation: The stress of the "real" world evaporates into the tranquil sea.

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