Catamaran Yacht 'HARMONY', 6 PAX, 2 Crew, 38.00 Ft, 11.00 Meters, Built 2016, Lagoon
Catamaran Yacht 'HARMONY' Harmony spacious bathroom, 6 PAX, 2 Crew, 38.00 Ft, 11.00 Meters, Built 2016, Lagoon

HARMONY Yacht Charter Guide

HARMONY Yacht Sample Menu

Breakfast is prepared specially for you:
Eggs, omelet, bacon, cheese, pancakes, fruits salad, toast of jam, French-style pain perdu in the coconut milk, brownies...
Day one:
Shredded chickens in spices and in honey
Late Afternoon Appetizer
Hawaii toast
Wok of vegetables in soft sour sauce
Culpapers of salmon in curry and ginger served with rice
Crumble in pears and almonds
Day two:
Duck confit and French beans with green pepper
Late Afternoon Appetizer
Amuse olives shorizo
Multilayer fish sheet and avocado with vinegar of raspberry
Shrimps sautéed in peppers and Thai sauce
West Indian tart
Day three:
Paella with sausages and shellfish served with saffron rice
Late Afternoon Appetizer
Sweet salty lollipops
Plantin banana in the bacon
Roasted ribs and French fries with salad
Red fruit tart with macaroon
Day four:
Tandoori of chicken with paprika sauce served with Chinese noodles
Late Afternoon Appetizer
Puff pastries of snails
Thai salad
Roasted lamb and sweet potatoes
Apple pie
Day five:
Marinated tuna and salmon in red berries with lemon and ginger
Late afternoon Appetizer
Chicken wraps with fresh parmesan
Smoked salmon verines and cream
Lasagnas with sauce the béchamel
Pineapple greedy surprise
Day six:
Quiche with goat cheese and peas served with green salad
Late Afternoon Appetizer
Cod fish cakes
Watermelon salad with apples and cheese
Turkey cutlets with cream of mushrooms
Didier's Far Breton
Day seven:
Nems in pork with menthe and salad
Late Afternoon Appetizer
Puff pastry of bacon
Fried shrimps
Tagliatella with strips of bacon and peppers flavored with mixed herbs
Two chocolate cakes and vanilla cream
And as liqueur I prepare you various arranged rums