Motor Yacht 'LADY SHARON GALE', 10 PAX, 4 Crew, 112.00 Ft, 34.00 Meters, Built 1998, Broward, Refit Year 2018
Motor Yacht 'LADY SHARON GALE' Main Salon, 10 PAX, 4 Crew, 112.00 Ft, 34.00 Meters, Built 1998, Broward, Refit Year 2018
Motor Yacht 'LADY SHARON GALE' Main  Dinning, 10 PAX, 4 Crew, 112.00 Ft, 34.00 Meters, Built 1998, Broward, Refit Year 2018

LADY SHARON GALE Yacht Charter Guide

LADY SHARON GALE Featured Yacht Captain & Crew Profiles

Captain’s Name:
Number in Crew:4
Crew Profiles:

Captain’s Nationality:US
Languages Spoken: English

Keith moved to the Virgin Islands as a young man in the 1980s. Almost immediately, he found his passion aboard yachts. He started his career on sailboats and worked diligently to upgrade his knowledge and certifications until achieving his first Captains license in 1986. He has added hours and experience ever since and now holds a 1600-ton USCG license.

Captain Keith honed his precise maneuvering skills running commercial vessels; ferry boats and ocean-going tugboats. He also worked for ten years aboard charter fishing yachts in Corpus Christi, Texas. Aboard the fishing yachts, he was the entire crew; captain, cook, mate, and stew. This multi-talented skipper knows how to run a ship from the inside out and flawlessly. Guests who love fishing, from the cockpit or the tender, are in for a thrilling time. Even experienced fishermen are likely to pick up a few tips.

Keith oversaw the extensive refit on LADY SHARON GALE a few years ago. So, he is intimately familiar with the yacht. He always enjoys hosting guests on charter and is adept at putting even first-timers completely at ease. He is a Master Diver and enjoys all types of water sports activities. Should guests want to try something new or improve their skill level, Keith makes every endeavor a rewarding experience. Besides his love of sailing, fishing, and diving, Keith is an avid runner, so he is able to keep up with even the most active guests! He is easy-going, accommodating, flexible, and fun. Let Keith and his crew launch your perfect vacation aboard LADY SHARON GALE!

David was born in Corpus Christi Texas 20 days after hurricane Celia tore through the town. His mother claims that if her hands werent full from the storm, they were from David. A lively child, he started out on his Dads lap fishing for bass on Lake Corpus Christi, and by 12 he was off on his own on the water by himself or with friends. David later discovered offshore fishing on the Gulf of Mexico out of Port Aransas, and the bug never left him. He developed a love of free diving and fishing around the Texas oil rigs and working on boats, always enjoying taking people out and showing them what a great place the ocean is. His enthusiasm is contagious!

After years in the Gulf, he decided to get his Captains license and start chartering and broadening his horizons. David describes himself as “just a regular all-around guy with tons of patience and an easy-going style”. But in spite of his easy nature, he takes a primary concern for his guests safety and for Lady Sharon Gales maintenance. As a certified welder and machinist, mechanic, and electrical expert, he keeps a keen eye on the vessel. As a people person, he is great with guests and other crew members; hes happy leading a snorkel tour, grilling up a few Texas steaks, or helping at cocktail hour.

Davids big heart has had him working with annual toy drives for kids and doing hurricane relief and aid in South Texas and Mexico.