Motor Yacht 'LATITUDE' LATITUDE, 12 PAX, 15 Crew, 170.00 Ft, 51.83 Meters, Built 1973, Schitfsweftu Maschinenfabrik, Refit Year 2003
Motor Yacht 'LATITUDE' Main Salon, 12 PAX, 15 Crew, 170.00 Ft, 51.83 Meters, Built 1973, Schitfsweftu Maschinenfabrik, Refit Year 2003
Motor Yacht 'LATITUDE' Galley Dining, 12 PAX, 15 Crew, 170.00 Ft, 51.83 Meters, Built 1973, Schitfsweftu Maschinenfabrik, Refit Year 2003

LATITUDE Yacht Charter Guide

LATITUDE Featured Yacht Captain & Crew Profiles

Captain’s Name:
Number in Crew:15
Crew Profiles:

Captain’s Nationality:Brazil
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, and Portuguese

Crew Profile
Updated: August 2009

Captain Jorge Mesiano Savastano
Jorge was born in Santos, Brazil and learned how to sail in the Brazilian Navy. Jorge has been on several positions on warships, and has taken many training courses especially on bridge equipment, giving him a huge advantage in being commissioned to command ships in the Brazilian Navy. The Navy has taken him to many parts of the world, from the South to the North Atlantic, the Mediterranean and Caribbean. His yachting career began on Latitude and he played a major role when she was in the yard for the conversion from supply tug to Expedition Yacht. His extensive travels enable Jorge to take you to pleasurable places during your stay.

Samuel Alquilos (First Mate).
Samuel started in the yachting business through his friend, who got him his first job as a deckhand. After his first boat he liked the idea of being at sea and has since traveled the world. He spends his time off engaged in water sports, listening to music, playing guitar, reading books and he especially likes fishing. Here on Latitude he is happy not only for his full time position as 1st Mate, but also because he has the opportunity to learn more about fishing tactics

Fernando Orellana Game - (1st Engineer).
Fernando joined M/Y Latitude on April 11th, 2007 and is the 2nd Ecuadorian on board. Fernandos father was a marine mechanic as well, enabling Fernando to be involved with marine engines ever since he can remember. In 1995 he took courses related to Crane Operator and Diesel Engines Technician. He has been working as a professional Motorman unlimited on commercial ships for over 14 years and also has experience on yachts in the Galapagos Islands. His hobbies include music and watching football.

Guillermo Arroyave - (2nd. Engineer).
Guillermo was born in Colombia, hes part of the engine department, involved with diesel mechanics and hydraulic systems in Panama. Experienced as junior technician for Barlows CAT. Guillermo worked on several Yachts in Panama as freelance engineer. He likes sports but his favorite one is baseball, which is a smart sport; he thinks ability sports are for clever men.

Joo Batista Bento (Electrician).
Another Brazilian National, Joo grew up in Itajai, Brazil. Before the launching of Latitude he offered his services to be part of the team and has became part of the crew in May of 2003. He was able to see and experience the transformation and launching of the vessel. Joo has taken several technical courses in Brazil including Electricity, Electronics and Electric Motors. His performance is not limited to a single area of the engine room. He believes in challenges to expand his knowledge and experience. Joos passion is sport fishing. During our trip to Mexico, he caught a beautiful striped marlin in Los Cabos and the picture of the brilliant catch hangs in his cabin like a national treasure.

Ozeas Mendes Costa (Chef).
Another Brazilian resident, Ozeas grew up in the small town of Terezina, Piaui located in North Brazil. He moved to Panama to try and push his luck, not in football (dreaming of becoming the next Ronaldo) but training in the culinary arts at Cordon Blue of Panama. He spent a couple of years cooking in various hotels in Panama where he learned different types of cuisine. He now delights our owners and guests with his knowledge in the galley and keeps his crew mates well fed. Being Brazilian, Ozeas is not only fast in the kitchen but on the soccer field as well.

Geofre Campoverde (Bosun).
Our Bosun is originally from the city of Macar in Ecuador, but has been living in the Galapagos Islands since 1991, where he joined M/Y Latitude in May of 2006. His present STCW International license as Able Seaman Unlimited gave him the opportunity to work in New Zealand and Samoa, on Industrial fishing vessels with convenience flag and international crew. He has been hired by Ecuadorian Companies to operate expedition cruises in the Galapagos Islands as a Bosun. Geofre is an experienced diver and his passion for sport fishing is remarkable. There is no doubt he will become an expert sport fisherman!

Javier Ruiz - (Deckhand 1).
Javier was born in Puebla, Mexico where the food always has CHILE and the Mariachis are playing everywhere. In 2003 he completed the Ordinary Seaman course at the Mexican Maritime Authority. He has experience on commercial ships and ferry boats. Javier joined M/Y Latitude in May of 2007, when she visited Cozumel, Mexico. He plays soccer, likes all kinds of music, and enjoys the weekend off.

Juan Carlos (Deckhand 2).
Juan grew up in Panama and joined the boat three months ago. He was drawn to the industry because of his love for the ocean. In his spare time you can find Juan, wake boarding and surfing which has lead him to travel to Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Brazil. Juan also has a passion for music.

Carolina Castro (Chief Stewardess).
Carolina was born in Brazil and is also a Portuguese citizen. Her first sea contact was as a volunteer at the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (Galapagos Campaign). She speaks fluent Portuguese, English, good Spanish and also has demonstrated basic knowledge of French. She loves water sports including sailing, diving, surfing and swimming. Carolina graduated from Universidade de Caxias do Sul, Brazil in 1999 with a degree in Hotel management. Her Yacht experience started aboard M/Y INDIGO as a temporary worker, from there she worked as a Stewardess on M/Y NEWVIDA, M/Y YIA SOU, S/Y PARPAR and on the 160 M/Y OCEAN WARRIOR. She also worked at the Wallaby Ranch Hang Gliding School in Davenport, Florida as a recreation Assistant, Team Pilot. She joined Latitude in October, 2006.

Rita Vanessa - (2nd Stewardess).
Rita was born in the countryside of So Paulo; but moved to the South where she was graduated in 1999 in Hotel Management at Universidade de Caxias do Sul, Brazil and Post graduate in Sustainable Tourism. She had experiences in hotels including the office and front desk. She has lived in many states in Brazil, in Paris and in San Diego, this shows her ability to be adaptable with different cultures. A friend gave her the idea to join Latitude in September 2008, hers first boating experience. She loves be close of the sea, swimming, classical ballet and learn idioms.

TBA - (3rd Stewardess)

Yeny Lopez, (Housekeeping)
Yeny is from north of Colombia, city of Cali. Prior her arrival in Latitude she worked 14 years as a dental assistant. While the Latitudes Cook was on vacation she was invited as part time cook for the crew and because of her easy going attitude and creativity Latitude offered her a full time job. Now she enjoys so much of her work. During off days she spends most of her time at the gym and bicycling. Plans in the future are to start her very own restaurant in Cali.

Jean-Paul Morales, (Diver)
Jean-Paul was born in Algeria but has lived in Panama, Bahamas, Tahiti, West Indies, Spain, USA and Mexico. He has a strong passion for the ocean which has lead him to many great accomplishments. He is a certified SCUBAPRO technician, 3 Star Instructor, Open Water Instructor, as well as a Dive Control Specialist Instructor. Jean-Paul has established and installed mooring throughout the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. He installed and established the first ever mooring on the island of Moorea, French Polynesia.
He owns his own dive operation in Corsica, France. Hell do anything to make someone laugh and can do so in English, Spanish or French. Weather you choose to dive or do any land based excursions you will be in very safe hands.