Catamaran Yacht 'OCEAN MED', 9 PAX, 3 Crew, 59.00 Ft, 17.00 Meters, Built 2004, ALLIAURA MAR, Refit Year 2018
Catamaran Yacht 'OCEAN MED' Under sail, 9 PAX, 3 Crew, 59.00 Ft, 17.00 Meters, Built 2004, ALLIAURA MAR, Refit Year 2018
Catamaran Yacht 'OCEAN MED' Under sail, 9 PAX, 3 Crew, 59.00 Ft, 17.00 Meters, Built 2004, ALLIAURA MAR, Refit Year 2018

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OCEAN MED Featured Yacht Captain & Crew Profiles

Captain’s Name:
Number in Crew:3
Crew Profiles:

Captain’s Nationality:French
Languages Spoken: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Languages: French, English, Spanish

Born in East of France, 1000 kms from the nearest sea, nothing foreshadowed Francis' future career as a sailor. It was only at 16 years old, and to follow his brother, who had left three years earlier, that he joined the French Navy. After three years of maritime school, during which he learned sailing and good maritime practices, he embarked at Toulon and travelled the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic on board the Warships.

It was only in 1989 that the sailing virus took him back and he began his career in the Yachting Business. With more than 30 years of Captain experience on sailboats, mono-hulls or catamarans, from 16 to 43 meters, he sailed on all Mediterranean spots; France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, as far as Israel … as well as the whole Caribbean Sea, all islands from Venezuela to the Bahamas, and Cuba, one of his best memories!
With this long experience, and his technical knowledge acquired during his many crossings, he will make a duty and an honor, with the help of his Chef Federico with which he has already sailed more than 2 seasons, to make your stay on board unforgettable.

Languages: Italian, French, English, Spanish

Federico is an extremely versatile and creative cook. Growing up in Italy, he became an expert in Mediterranean culinary traditions at a very young age.
Today, with more than 10 years of experience, he is a follower of the Fusion Cooking Tradition and he can manage and harmonize the flavors from different continents and cultures.
Ask him for traditional Italian dishes, or let him surprise you with Spanish, Lebanese or Greek tapas. If French cuisine is what moves you, just ask.
He will be glad to offer you a variety of my plates, all created with fresh, local seasonal ingredients with mainly use of seafood.
North African & Middle East dishes are also well covered by a wide range of Moroccan and Syrian specialties. From Asia and the Pacific, he learned the art of Japanese sushi, the sweetness of Indonesian food and the trendy Peruvian ceviche.

He has ridden 35 000 nautical miles and crossed four times the Atlantic.

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese

Born to multicultural family and having travelled most of her life, Sélène is authentic, fresh, kind, and serviable.
After working in the service industry for about 5 years, being a stewardess in many different places on land, she decided to take the sails and fulfill a life-long dream of being on the sea. She passed her Coastal Skipper in Spain and worked on several boats this past year. She will keep working to achieve her Yachtmaster and one day skipper her own boat.

Her serviability and good-humor will bring extra sunshine to your time onboard S/C OCEAN MED. Sélène takes care of the interior tasks and service onboard. She is dedicated to your comfort and will make sure you have all that you need to enjoy this special moment on the sea.