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Bespoke Yacht Charters

On a bespoke yacht charter, everything is tailored to your preferences

Cast off to explore one of our planet’s most idyllic destinations on a bespoke yacht charter, and you’ll experience the kind of freedom and fulfillment no other vacation-style can offer. On your custom luxury vacation, sail where you want, do and see what you desire, feast on your favorite foods and travel as fast or as slow as you wish. When everything about your yachting venture – from the itinerary to the travel speed, to the choice of activities and gastronomic feasting – is tailor-made in accordance with your wishes, you’ll have nothing left to do except lie back, enjoy, and indulge.

Although there are times in life when compromise is needed, we believe your private bespoke yacht charter vacation should not be one of them.

Explore unspoiled coral reefs teeming with sea life, set your pulse racing with exhilarating water toys like jet skis and banana rides, discover onshore historical attractions and get to know the exotic culture of your chosen destination. All along, delight in the sublime gastronomic pleasures created by your own private chef and indulge in the superb privacy and comfort of your luxury bespoke yacht charter.

Your Private Yacht, Your Unique Vacation and Your Unforgettable Memories. On a Bespoke Yacht Charter…It’s All About You!

Unique Itinerary

So where in the world do you want to sail?

From the bluest depths of French Polynesia to the shimmering waters of the Caribbean. From the culture and chic of the French Riviera to the enchanting villages of Croatia, we offer so many exciting places to discover. We’ll help you choose the right destination for your bespoke yacht charter vacation. Moreover, we’ll plan an itinerary that will include your most fervent wishes, so whether you want water sports galore, a healthy amount of onshore shopping or a wonderful mix of nature, action, culture and history, we’ll design a unique journey that’s just right for you.

Flexibility and Freedom of Schedule

Although we’ll help you plan a personalized schedule your custom luxury vacation, it doesn’t mean you won’t be free to change your mind. On a bespoke yacht charter, this is precisely your prerogative! Sail with a plan and enjoy the freedom to change your course at will. Did something catch your eye? Stop there! Fall in love with a particularly seductive private cove? Stay there! This is the beauty of a custom-made bespoke yacht charter vacation. You can include as many stop-overs, activities and attractions as you like before you cast off, and still have the freedom to change plans as you sail along.

Personalized Cuisine

There’s nothing quite as indulgent as having a private chef at your service on your custom luxury vacation; a culinary master who will create gourmet meals with your personal taste in mind. Before embarking on your bespoke yacht charter, you’ll be asked to detail your culinary preferences and requirements. Our experienced chefs are adept at dealing with any kind of dietary needs - be it gluten-free, diabetic, vegan, Atkins or any other – and creating sensational meals that’ll rock your boat. Pun totally intended! They’ll combine only the freshest of ingredients, local and imported, with your specific requests, creating unique and one-off delicacies that’ll make you think you’ve just died and gone to foodie heaven. The specialized and personalized catering aboard bespoke yacht charters is one of the most unforgettable highlights of any journey custom luxury vacation.

Dedicated Crew

Every bespoke yacht charter is matched with the right crew, one that is particularly suited to your specific requirements. Want a diving master on board? You got it. Your own masseuse, yoga teacher or beauty therapist, perhaps? We can make that happen. With the right yacht in the right destination, there’s (almost!) no one we can’t get to join your crew. Moreover, the level of service which can be offered aboard a private bespoke yacht charter is second to none and you can look forward to a team of enthusiastic people who will go above and beyond to cater to your every whim.

Unique Treats

At the end of the day, if given enough time, there’s almost nothing that can’t be organized for you. From organizing pick-up at your chosen seaside resort to planning that surprise anniversary candle-lit dinner on a secluded beach, or even having friends on board for dinner, there’s a whole host of special treats in which you can indulge when you choose a bespoke yacht charter vacation.

Special Inclusions

Let us know what kind of water toys or treats you’d like us to pack on your custom luxury vacation yacht and we’ll do our best to include them. From all sorts of watersports equipment to inflatable gear for infinite fun in the surf, your private bespoke yacht charter can take along a myriad of different equipment. Is there a particular brandy or scotch you like to sip on top deck in the evening? Don’t be shy! Tell us and we’ll do our utmost so you find it onboard.