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Corporate Superyacht Charters for All-Inclusive Group Travel

An incomparable ultra-luxe venue for corporate events, dealer and staff incentives, executive meetings, employee recognition, client entertainment, and product launches. Our worldwide fleet of superyachts impress, motivate, and exceed expectations – again and again.

Finding innovative ways to impress clients and reward top producers has become extremely challenging in today's highly-competitive market. At Ocean Getaways, we have mastered the art of designing elite events and entertainment aboard the world's most luxurious. Our superyachts offer an incomparable venue and unrivaled all-inclusive group travel experience that inspire a memorable event, as well as a measurably successful outcome for your business goals.

The exclusive, private and secure setting of a corporate superyacht charter takes you and your guests away from the distractions of the office and into a relaxed environment of unsurpassed splendor and impeccable service. Perfect for all-inclusive group travel, clinching that corporate deal, meeting with colleagues, boosting employee morale, motivating team work and networking with industry professionals.

Tailor-made to suit your business needs, a corporate superyacht charter can be arranged for up to 12 guests underway. If you're hosting a large group of 20 to 200 people, your superyacht can be moored dockside. For an extended voyage with a large group, we recommend one of our larger superyachts, the Elegance or the Sherekhan, or a fleet of yachts that travel together in company – our Signature Corporate Yacht Flotilla Program. We offer several options for creating a remarkable corporate event and we're here to ensure that your business is represented with unparalleled distinction and the utmost in excellence.

Employee Recognition and Dealer Incentives

Bringing colleagues together on a luxury superyacht charter is a unique way to foster team spirit and build stronger bonds. Engaging your group in activities such as water sports, on-shore excursions and carefree will not only encourage camaraderie, it will enhance workplace performance.

Honoring top performing employees and dealers with a corporate yacht charter is a time proven way to acknowledge their dedication and achievements. An all-inclusive group travel week of luxury and relaxation with their spouses and families will not only create memories of a lifetime, it's a reward that will inspire them at a much deeper level. Feeling valued and recognized, coupled with the refreshing experience of a yacht charter is a powerfully motivating incentive.

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Meetings and Conferences

The executive amenities aboard superyachts assure that business at sea is as convenient as business at the office. A corporate superyacht charter is also the consummate setting for combining business with pleasure. Luxurious conference and meeting rooms, satellite internet, email access, telephone and WiFi guarantee that your meeting unfolds with reliable ease. Plan an al fresco luncheon on deck or sumptuous brunch in the formal dining salon. Whisk your clients away on a daysail or entertain them dockside for time-restricted gatherings. Either way, a corporate all-inclusive group travel charter offers a unique opportunity to further business relationships in an exquisitely formal, yet relaxing atmosphere.

Corporate Events, Entertainment and Hospitality

Hosting a corporate all-inclusive group travel charter for hospitality is the ultimate opportunity to couple your luxury voyage with a distinguished event anywhere in the world. Experience the high octane of the Monaco Grand Prix as the Formula One cars zoom past your bow. Host a celebrity packed gala at the Cannes Film Festival. Experience the grand regatta of the America's Cup. Or create a bespoke event of your own in an exotic locale.

Our luxury superyachts are a first-class venue for hosting a celebration to highlight your company and conduct ongoing business. Corporate events can take place in a variety of locations and are customized to fit your specific needs, but all arrangements encompass the hallmarks of unsurpassed luxury.

Whether you anchor at a resort destination and host a fabulous cocktail party for 100 or embark on a four-day voyage for a small group in the Caribbean or Mediterranean, your event will be an impeccably organized expression of the glamor that corporate superyachts are famous for.

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