Luxury Sportfishing Charters
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Luxury Sport Fishing Charters

No matter where in the world you choose to set sail on one of our luxury yacht charters, you’re always guaranteed a delectable seafood feast at the end of your ‘perfect day in paradise’. But wouldn’t it be amazing if you could spend the entire day trying to catch your own feast instead?

Dedicated Luxury Sport Fishing Charters

Dedicated luxury sport fishing charters are a very popular option for our yacht charter guests who love nothing more than to indulge in their favorite pastime. Fishing is a relaxing, almost contemplative hobby, one that manages to soothe your soul and fill your stomach all in one delightful outing. We offer a selection of dedicated luxury sport fishing charters that are equipped to the brim with world-class fishing gear, and itineraries designed to take you to Mother Nature’s best ‘fish market’, just about anywhere in the world.

Dedicated Fishing Charters – When There’s no Time to Waste!

Find snorkeling to be a nuisance, or an hour of sunbathing a waste of valuable fishing time? Then you, dear guest, are a true-blue fishing addict. A sport fishing yacht offers you fighting chairs, live bait wells and a mind-boggling array of rods, tackles, lures, outriggers and more. With a captain whose aim it will be to take you to the best fishing spots, and a muscle crew who’ll help reel your catch in, your sport fishing charter trip will be the envy of all your mates. Take advantage of the outstanding fishing equipment aboard dedicated sport fishing yachts and you can be free to indulge in your favorite hobby for as many hours of the day as you wish.

The Added Extras on Luxury Yacht Charters Plus Sport Fishing Tender

But maybe not all of your chosen vacation mates share this great passion, and that’s where our luxury yacht charters with sport fishing tenders come in. You charter a large luxury superyacht that tows a fully equipped 30+ foot tender that is outfitted for deep sea fishing excursions. The fishing enthusiasts can cast off on the tender for the fishing holes while your non-fishing yachting companions remain on the large yacht enjoying land activities, watersports, or just basking in the sun . The best of both worlds, one would say, for those who love fishing and vacationing in the company of their non-fishing loved ones in equal measures.

This option is simply perfect for guests who love to fish only some of the time. Spend a morning wrestling that slippery marlin, and an afternoon indulging in massages, cocktails and summersaults off the top deck. Variety is undoubtedly the name of the game here, so you and your companions will find endless fun, exhilarating and entertaining pursuits, besides fishing.

No Need to Forego on The Luxury and Comfort

All of our sport fishing charters offer a great deal of comfort and indulgence, whether luxury yachts or dedicated sport fishing yachts. Stunning indoor and outdoor lounges, plenty of outdoor dining and sunbathing space, and cabins that are as luxurious as they are comfortable. You’ll have a dedicated crew at your disposal, and an experienced captain who knows all the hidden fishing spots.

Ideal Sport Fishing Charter Destinations

Although one could obviously cast a lure out to sea just about anywhere in the world, there are some destinations that are tailor-made for luxury sport fishing charters. From Key West to Panama; the Bahamas to Trinidad; and Alaska to Cabo Can Lucas , the waters of North and Central America are some of the best fishing hubs of all. You’ll find seas that are so fish-rich it’ll be near impossible to go home empty-handed, on any given day.

Want To Cast Off Further Afield? No Problem!

Head to Australia on a spellbinding fishing yacht charter and you’ll be ticking more bucket-list boxes than you could have ever dreamed. The land Down Under is renowned for the giant black marlins which routinely make the headlines news. The best part? The stretch of coast where they are predominantly found just happens to be alongside the awe-inspiring Great Barrier Reef, one of our world’s most revered natural wonders.

The famed Australian black marlin has been known to drive grown man to tears: it can swim at an astonishing 80 miles per hour, and weigh an eye-watering 1,650 pounds. And if that’s not a once-in-a-lifetime sport fishing challenge, then we don’t know what is!

Timing is Of The Essence

Can’t quite decide where to go? Let us help! Your vacation time of year will likely decide where you should go, and what parts of the world are best avoided due to bad fishing conditions. Let us help you customize an itinerary for your next luxury sports charter and we’ll take all the most important factors under consideration, and plan a fishing expedition that’ll you’ll remember for many years to come.