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A Safe and Secure Environment

Discreet Staff Provide Complete Privacy

With over three decades of experience in dealing with high-profile guests, we understand the true meaning of discretion, privacy and confidentiality. Our primary objective, and that of our yacht captains, is to protect the safety of all those (crew and guests) on board our sailing yachts, catamarans and superyachts. We do our utmost to ensure that your private vacation aboard our luxurious vessels will be your special time to totally relax and unwind with your loved ones.

Our Luxury Superyachts…Your Private Oasis

When it comes to privacy, even the most guarded hotel could never compete with a luxury superyacht. When you sail to a magnificent destination, you’ll be a world away from the prying eyes of the public or paparazzi; away from the bustle of crowds and in a world all of your own. A glorious world of impeccable and friendly service, personalized culinary delights and all the fun in the sun you could ever desire. We understand how difficult it is for some guests to truly relax on vacation, and we strive to offer what we all love: tranquility, togetherness, and relaxation. A chance to build lifelong memories with those we hold most dear, without distractions, interruptions, and unwelcomed company.

Discreet Staff Provides Complete Privacy

We vehemently believe that every single one of our guests deserves to have their privacy respected, high-profile or not. No one likes their private space invaded or their personal details disclosed, most especially when one is on vacation. We do our utmost to ensure discretion and hold reins over a controlled environment, at all times.

Every dedicated crew working on our high-profile superyacht charters is fully-vetted and, as soon as you step aboard, we’re confident you’ll appreciate how professional and attentive they are. They are trained in the art of confidentiality and understand their guests’ need for privacy.

We can include confidentiality agreements in your private charter contract which can specifically state that the crew working aboard agrees not to disclose any kind of information about your journey or yourselves on social media or in person. This is common sense practice on all of our yachts anyway. Rest assured that loose lips and even looser Tweets will not be tolerated.

We Collaborate With Your Security Team

If you travel with a security team and wish for them to have access to the vessel before your arrival, the crew will collaborate with them and swiftly comply with all reasonable requests. Many of our superyachts have extra cabins for security so that they will not be included in your maximum guest count.

Health and Safety Considerations

Due to the superb exclusivity on our yachts, you need not be concerned about the noxious spread of viruses. Unlike cruise liners – renowned hotbeds for gastrointestinal bugs – our yachts are free of the health risks that you can encounter when vacationing with a crowd.

Charter With Us – and You’ll be in The Safest of Hands

All our yachts stringently comply with international safety standards and regulations, gifting you, and your precious companions, peace of mind. Safety and security are paramount and, after so many decades at the helm, second nature to us all. From state of the art vessel management software to 24-hr emergency response systems, rest assured that we comply – and apply – any and all measures needed to ensure you, your crew, and the yacht, are kept perfectly safe.