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Charter Yacht Cuisine – The Ultimate In Culinary Cruises

From haute cuisine to simple yet delicious fare, all meals prepared aboard our luxury culinary cruises are made with love, by the expert hands of our professional gourmet chefs.

Whether it’s char-grilled salmon drizzled with truffle oil or a straight up hand cut steak with garlic mashed potatoes, rest assured that every meal you enjoy during your gourmet holiday aboard a private luxury yacht charter, will be the most sumptuous foodie vacation you’ve ever had.

Gourmet Meals Tailored to Your Preference

Our charter yacht chefs will take into account your most fervent likes and ardent dislikes, and design personalized meals to suit your tastes. Moreover, they can accommodate all kinds of special diets — low fat, vegetarian, diabetic, kosher or gluten free – you name it, and they’ll prepare it. If you love foodie vacations, this will top your list.

We Use the Freshest and Best Locally Sourced Produce When Available

Our aim is to use locally sourced ingredients, freshly caught seafood and the best produce available, no matter where we sail. Of course, much of this depends on where you’ll choose to travel so although we’ll need to resource some ingredients elsewhere, we’ll always give preference to locally made fare.

We’ll Sail Prepared

Upon receiving your private yacht charter booking, we’ll ask you to complete a food and beverage questionnaire so that your personal chef can design a menu that is customized for you and your sailing mates. Now’s not the time to play coy! Be precise, concise and as detailed as you wish with your preferences, as this is the only way we’ll know exactly what tickles your taste buds. Want to be gastronomically adventurous on your gourmet holidays? Tell us! Help us to help the chef, and he or she will create mouth watering delicacies that’ll make you swoon. Every single time.

All Your Culinary Needs Will be Met on Our Culinary Cruises

From late night snacking to smaller (or larger) portions, or on the spot requests; give your chef plenty of warning and he or she will do their best to satisfy all your culinary needs. Planning is key for successful catering, so although our chefs can’t perform miracles in the middle of the Caribbean or Mediterranean, they will go to much effort to make you happy on your gourmet holidays. For them, it’s all in a day’s cooking.

What we’ll Include on Our Gourmet Holidays

Three delicious meals are served each day as well as hors d'oeuvres at happy hour and unlimited snacks all day long. The bar will be stocked with your favorite beers, wines, mixers, and libations, so tell us what you like and we’ll make sure you’ll find it onboard.

We’ll Feed the Kids!

Have a fussy eater on your hands? Don’t worry! Let this be our problem, not yours. Special “kid-friendly" menus on our culinary cruises ensure no child is ever left hungry, so whether Junior enjoys seared tuna with pomegranate jus on a bed of saffron-infused couscous, or a hearty plate of chicken fingers and fries slathered with ketchup, trust that the chef and your discerning child will be best of mates in no time. Chefs often invite kids into the galley to assist with cookie making or setting up an ice cream sundae smorgasbord. One of our superyacht chefs even has sous chef outfits for the little intrepid ones willing to lend a helping hand! So even the kids have a foodie vacation.