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Unique Group Activities & Themes

Exclusive Parties and Customized Themes That Wow the Guests

Corporate yacht charters offer an endless array of group activities and events ideal for team building, bonding, enrichment and entertaining.

If you’re looking for educational, inspirational and downright fun activities that your clients would never experience on their own, then a yacht charter party is the “wow” you’ve been seeking.

We accommodate groups from 10 to 300 guests on a single sailing (more if you charter back to back) and can help you customize a bespoke corporate event that’s bound to be an unforgettable adventure. When people who work together play together, the resulting camaraderie, confidence, and closeness translates into one amalgamous, happy bunch of people. And as everyone knows: happy employees equates to a more successful business.

Here are some of the most popular and successful yacht party theme ideas, group activities and events for corporate yacht charters:

Group Yacht Charter Parties

Whether it’s a Raft-Up, a beachside cocktail party or a yacht themed party dinner in an upscale resort, group celebrations are the backbone of all of our yacht charter programs.

Our exclusive Raft-Up yacht charter party is arguably the most “talked about” activity we organize. We tie all of the yachts together to create one ginormous, floating yacht charter party platform where guests meander from yacht to yacht enjoying libations and hors d’oeuvres. The set-up can be organized in a myriad of ways: nibblies and cocktails on one yacht, dancing on another, quiet cocktail chill-out on a third and so on. We can even dedicate one of the yachts to act as a musical stage and create fun games for everyone.

Exclusive beach parties on our own private piece of beach come in a close second-favorite with champagne and canapes served on a flotilla of floating islands. When it comes to group dinners, the options are just as varied. We can deck out an onshore restaurant as the XYZ Company Nautical Yacht Club or create a Caribbean Carnival on a private island. Gala evenings ashore are a mainstay of all of our groups, and we have a myriad of themes to spice things up.

Educational Activities

Perfect for clients who wish for their guests to get even more out of their sailing experience, our educational activities include enriching, hands-on workshops, classes and presentations, on a plethora of interesting topics. From learning all about wildlife and underwater photography to local authentic cooking classes, interactive history presentations, and amazing astronomy nights, we have educators, trainers, leaders and teachers who can join you for a day - or three of great educational enrichment!

Teambuilding Events

Think of this as subliminal ‘training’, where fun and competitive events - like our ever-popular Pirates of the Caribbean Yacht Race - entice guests to hone in on their team working, micromanaging and organizational skills, all the while dressing up a-la Jack Sparrow, enjoying copious piña coladas and having a great time together team building.

Corporate Social Responsibility

No matter how big or small, the great majority of companies are nowadays looking to fulfil their corporate social responsibility (CSR), by organizing team events to raise money for local and international charities, corporate group volunteering or any activity which directly benefits local communities visited. We are well-versed in this sector and pride ourselves on our commitment to be socially responsible, no matter where we sail. We already have programs in place – in education, volunteering and charity work - and will be immensely happy to help incorporate any part of our projects into your client’s corporate yacht charter.

Work and Play

Sometimes, work needs to be done, even on corporate yacht charters. Never fear! We are able to organize meetings and can access business centers in several shore side resorts, so tell us what you need – in terms of space and equipment - and we’ll have it ready to go.

Just Play

Finally, we’ve arrived at the purely fun stuff!

Above all else, yacht themed party games, group activities and events aboard luxury corporate yacht charters are great fun. Our amazing yachts, catamarans and sailboats come fully equipped with a host of inflatable water toys (think mega slides, swimming pools, banana boats etc) as well as snorkeling and fishing equipment, windsurfs, paddle boards, wakeboards, kayaks, and so much more. You name it…you can have it! Generally speaking, the larger the yacht, the more (and larger) toys it can transport, but given enough notice there’s really very little we can’t get on board.

It’s not unusual for first-time corporate yacht charter clients to be apprehensive when seeking out options. At times, they are afraid that having their employees on separate yachts will translate into isolation and not enough time together. The truth could not be more contrasting. Our loyal long-time clientele can attest to it being quite the opposite, in fact.

Togetherness is Key

On corporate yacht charters, groups actually spend more time together than they would if they were in a resort. Group activities and events are wonderful ways to offer some fun and educational together-time for your group, but fact is the only time they will spend apart is during sailing hours, which are usually no more than two or three, a day. During sailing time, yachts are never too far from one another, offering some quite impressive photo ops.

Most of the time, yachts will be in a harbor - where they’ll be anchored “next door” to each other – and guests can swim, kayak and dinghy back and forth. They mingle at the beach, meet at the local pub, and join together for snorkeling or shopping ventures. The yachts' tenders are on call to take guests wherever they want, whenever they want, so book your corporate yacht charter with confidence knowing that the very nature of sailing, alongside our wide range of yacht charter party games, group activities and events, will offer your group one of the most unforgettable corporate event they’ll ever attend.

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Private Catamaran Charters for Groups
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