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Top Ten Ways to Use Yachts for Corporate Events

Corporate events have come a long way in recent years and nowhere is this more evident than in the luxury yacht charter business. From large group incentive trips to specialized individual sailing jaunts, land and sea-based getaways and glitzy VIP charters: there’s simply not a corporate event that can’t be hosted aboard a luxurious yacht charter.

We offer a comprehensive charter service to all our corporate clients, delivering not just comfortable and exquisite yachts, but impeccable service and that reliable attention to detail all have come to know and expect.

From our beloved business to yours – we can make your corporate event magic happen. Anywhere. Anyhow. And in every way.

Corporate Group Flotillas for Incentives

Luxury fleet charters for corporate groups are a fantastic and extremely popular choice for companies – from the smallest start-up to well-established corporation – to entertain, reward and incentivize their employees. Tailor-made to suit your group size and wishes, our corporate group flotilla charters don’t just look awesome when out at sea, they are immensely rewarding, cost-effective and, perhaps more importantly of all, clearly effective in their goal. We cater to groups of up to 300 people and offer all-inclusive rates, making group charters the best value-for-money travel incentive you’ll find.

Corporate VIP Superyacht Charters

When it comes to impressing your business VIPs or rewarding your top-performing employees, corporate VIP superyacht charters are the special ‘ace up your sleeve’ you’ve been searching. In this modern, highly competitive world of ‘how bling can one go?’ corporate superyacht charters are an elegant and subtle reminder that quality and excellence need not be overstated. Premier comfort and sophistication, excellent 5* service, gourmet wining and dining, an abundance of fun and invigorating team-building activities, as well as comprehensive business facilities:

Corporate superyacht charters offer it all and leave you, and your guests, feeling accomplished, refreshed and – most of all – utterly impressed.

Corporate Event Yacht Charters

From launching a new and innovative product to attending a prestigious international sporting or cultural event, our corporate event yacht charters are guaranteed to WOW. With a long and proven history of hosting glamorous events aboard our most exclusive yachts, we provide all the dazzle you’ll ever need, alongside professional and impeccable service.

Land and Sea Yachting Getaways

Combine the best of both worlds when you book a land and sea yachting getaway for your next corporate event. Indulge in spectacular resorts for a few days, before casting off for a phenomenal sailing adventure. Ideal for larger groups – which will no doubt include sailing novices - our land and sea yachting getaways are guaranteed to offer an unforgettable experience for all who attend. Our only advice? The yachting experience is rated the biggest highlight by the great majority of our clients, so leave that ‘till last for the most impressive end to an extraordinary event.

Family Incentive Groups

Long gone are the days when the best that top-performing employees could expect, as reward for their hard work, was a boozy lunch at some swanky restaurant. Nowadays, employers are finally recognizing the advantages of truly indulging their employees, and inviting their family members to come along for the ride. Family incentive groups on yacht charters are an effective way to reward and rejuvenate your employees and, as some of the most astute businessmen will attest to, happy and satisfied employees will keep your business booming.

Large Capacity Superyachts

International laws dictate that superyachts not accommodate more than 12 guests on board, yet we offer specially licensed luxury superyachts that can cater for up to 100 overnight guests when anchored at sea, and up to 200 dockside. For that superlative opulent night of celebrations, or multi-day yachting excursion, our large capacity superyachts are the ultimate event venues.

Individual Incentives

No two people were ever created equal and it is with this credo that we offer tailor-made, individual incentive yacht charters, which cater to individual likes, ages, and levels of fitness. From action-packed fun getaways for young and intrepid employees, to luxuriously relaxing sailing journeys for the more mature guest, we’ll help you create the perfect individual incentive for that perfect person you wish to reward. Because nothing says “We appreciate your work” like a private luxury yacht charter.

Teambuilding Programs & Regattas

When you need to bring everyone together, however, our teambuilding programs and regattas are ideal. Enhance your team’s cooperation and leadership skills, encourage team bonding and show them a hell of a good time, aboard a fleet of luxurious yachts. Your experienced crew can organize a plethora of unique and totally fun teambuilding events, including kayaking races, on-land ATV treasure hunts and so much more. With a dedicated team of guides and supervisors, rest assured that your valuable team will be in excellent hands.

Offering a Yachting Component to a Resort Based Group Program

A similar concept to our Land and Sea Yachting Getaways, our add-on yachting component can be a unique way to add a touch of pizzazz to your resort based group program. Rather than relying on the run-of-the-mill sailing excursions offered by most resorts, which you’ll most likely have to share with other resort guests, we offer you the best luxury yachts in our fleet, anchored for your private use only. Your private yacht charters will be decked out to the nines with whatever water toys and extras you wish to include, and a team of professional staff ready to cater to all your needs. From overnight jaunts to multi-day adventures, our add-on yachting component will not only enhance your resort based program but may well up being the most beloved highlight.

Hosting High-level Executive Meetings in a Secure Environment

Sure…you can host your high-level executive meeting in your city offices for a few days. But how much more delightful would it be to ‘do business’ aboard a luxury yacht, whilst sailing the turquoise waters of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean? One of the fastest rising trends in the business world, booking of yacht charters for high-level executive meetings is a totally unique way to seal the deal, chat about sensitive business issues and enjoy a magnificent sailing voyage, all wrapped into one delightful package. Away from distractions, and taking advantage of the utmost privacy and discretion, business dealings aboard luxury yachts are not only enjoyable but also superbly effective. When good business is all about mutual trust and respect, sharing a yacht and enjoying some superb water sports or land excursions together, besides the shop-talk, will go a long way in ensuring your corporate relationship be a long-lasting and mutually beneficial one.

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Private Catamaran Charters for Groups
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