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Superyacht Toys

No matter where in the world you sail on your superyacht charter, you’ll have an enviable playground of fun tagging along for the ride. For all kids young and old, the extensive list of superyacht charter toys represents one of the highlights of any trip.

If you can slide it, ride it, drive it, hang on to it or fly can have it onboard.

Superyachts = Supersize = Super Fun!

The variety of luxury yacht toys available is enormous although your chosen yacht size will determine just how many of these super fun treats you can include in your journey. Superyachts are favored by those who wish to have the most fun with the most amounts of super yacht toys and gadgets.

Here are just a few of the goodies luxury yacht toys you can include:

Underwater Fun - Snorkeling, Diving Gear, and Seabobs

Whether you like to dive deep or just frolic by the surface, exploring the underwater world of your destination is an absolute must. When you choose particular destinations renowned for their excellent scuba diving and snorkeling – like the Bahamas, Caribbean, South Pacific or the myriad of archipelagos on the Indian Ocean – you’ll find an array of diving and snorkeling gear on board your private superyacht.

If you want to glide underwater like the dolphin or mermaid you always wanted to be, then a seabob’s the toy for you. These underwater hand-held propulsion devices are a ton of fun to use. You set the speed and depth and steer the seabob with your body, allowing you to go wherever you wish both underwater and right on top of the surf.

If you’re a novice at any of the three disciplines, you’ll have dedicated crew who will introduce you to these magical watersports. Should you wish to get SCUBA certified, we can also arrange for a dive instructor to be on board. Just let us know your wishes and level of expertise and we’ll make sure all the right superyacht toys gear – and crew – is organized for you.

Inflatables and Towed Super Yacht Toys

From super pools to ginormous slides, zorbs, jungle gyms and trampolines, we can include a whole lot of inflatable water super yacht toys so you can enjoy the crystal clear waters in a myriad of different ways. Want some speed with that? Then hang on tight to our towable inflatable luxury yacht toys, like banana and doughnut rides, as well as kneeboards and waterskis, and we’ll propel you through the waves at adrenalin-inducing speeds as we tow you right behind your yacht’s tender! Your superyacht towed tender, by the way, can be a toy all of its own, allowing you to reach ashore and discover hidden mangroves and coves with ease.

The great aspect of inflatables is that they take up such little storage space, enabling even smaller yachts to carry a wide range of luxury yacht toys.

Powered Toys

If being towed behind the tender is still far too tame for you, then you may want to add a jet ski, quad ski or waverunner to your list of superyacht toys to take along. These insanely fun powered toys are superb if you want to explore an off-the-beaten-path island on your own, or race the yacht to the next port. Do note, however, that superyachts are best suited to carry these big-kid-toys, yet their use is restricted to local regulations, so enquire ahead of time and we’ll confirm all the requirements for your chosen destination.

Kayaks Paddle Boards, and Windsurfers

Kayak or paddle board into hidden coves and explore the coastline at your own leisurely stride. Or, if you prefer, challenge the wind to an exhilarating dance as you surf the waves atop a windsurfer.


A superyacht charter toys list can also include fishing gear, picnic furniture for that ultimate seaside outing, and plenty of ‘indoor’ toys such as Xbox, PlayStation and more.