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Entertainment on Superyachts

High-Tech Fun on Superyachts

Imagine docking for the night in a secluded cove off an idyllic, uninhabited island. You’re in the middle of the Caribbean. Or the Pacific…or anywhere and everywhere. It’s a balmy night and the stars are out, resplendent in their ardent beauty. Out here, there’s not a light or sound to disrupt the splendid views. Cocktail in hand, you look your beloved in the eyes, as a cinema screen appears before you, right at the bow of your luxury superyacht.

High-tech entertainment aboard superyachts is something special. Yes, you’ll have Mother Nature’s most magnificent ‘film’ play before you every day and night, but if you’re in the mood for a little relaxed escapism, be it a movie night, disco party or piano concerto, it can all be arranged on board. With a collection of high-tech video, audio and light equipment, entertainment on Superyachts is varied, fun and utterly surreal!

Movie Magic

Most superyachts come with an array of flat-screen TVs in the main saloons so that movie nights can be enjoyed as a group. Of course, Staterooms are also equipped with top-of-the range audio and video equipment for private entertainment in the comfort of your own cabin. Yet some of the more luxurious superyachts boast incredible cinema rooms, complete with plush seats, surround sound system and plenty of popcorn to boot. Extensive DVD libraries and satellite connections (on some yachts) also mean you need not miss out on your favourite TV show whilst you cruise the world. The superluxe Maltese Falcon can even project films on her sails!

Gaming Fun

Board games, video games, group games. You name it…and you can play it! Both high-tech and non (sailing twister, anyone?), superyachts come supplied with a host of fun games for you and your family – or travelling group – to enjoy. After a full day’s exploration and a delightful dinner alfresco under the stars, there’s nothing more fun than getting those competitive juices flowing.

If gaming is a priority on your charter, do tell us at first contact and we’ll make sure you’ll find your favourite games on board.

Party time!

With a top-class audio system aboard your luxury superyacht, you could enjoy the best party nights of your life as you sail the high seas. Your crew can set up LED lights, put on your favourite grooves and get those cocktail shakers out. Decks can be transformed to dance floors and you can feel free to show off those moves like it’s 1999!!

Tell us what kind of party you’re dreaming about and we’ll do our best to make it happen. In our extensive collection of superyachts, we have beauties with grand pianos, removable dance floors and some of the most modern music systems on the seas.