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Luxury Yacht Charter vs. Luxury Resort

The costliest, most luxurious hotel suites on earth can be found overlooking Lake Geneva or atop Dubai's glittering sail-shaped tower. It's true, these suites can offer a dozen en suite guest rooms and chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce transportation, but you're still on dry land.

Want a view? That'll cost a bit extra. And, as many point out, when you turn out the lights at the end of the day, it's just a dark room inside an air-conditioned building shared with hundreds of other guests.

Some luxury beach resorts offer more exclusivity than others. However, on land, the highlight of a day's itinerary are the more private moments spent beside the water.

So, why not have your own dedicated crew to actually get you on the water? A yacht charter could be called a Yacht Resort or a Sailing Resort. Except this resort moves and can take you to pristine and private places, where you drop anchor at special islands ensuring that yours are the first, and only, footprints in the sand.

Bells, Whistles and Changing Views on a Yacht Resort

Without question, the ultimate vacation is a luxury yacht resort experience. When you replace a key to your hotel room with your own sailing resort with, captain and crew it's like getting the key to another world. Let your imagination run free and leave it to us to make your dream holiday happen.

Of course, a yacht resort boasts plenty of bells and whistles -- you can choose the features that suit your fancy -- from hamman spa to helipad. But above all, you're guaranteed unparalleled privacy, fresh gentle breezes and premium sea views that are never the same two days in a row. As for crystal clear, inviting warm water... just dive in anytime or help yourself to an array of water toys. A luxury yacht is, in fact, your own floating six-star sailing resort.

Care to visit another idyllic island? Why not, indeed. The journey on a sailing resort is as memorable as the destination, although you'll never need to pack and unpack to get to the next secluded cove with palm-studded sandy shores.

Don't make a reservation for dinner. The chef on a yacht resort is cooking just for you and serves meals on your schedule. There's no such thing as a bad table or menu choices you don't care for, because your preferences, and those of your entire party, have already been catered for 24/7. We'll take onboard your wishes and your instructions on menus, timing and service for meals, snacks, picnics, cocktails, wines, hors d'oeuvres, desserts, and more.

Crunching the Numbers

Whether you're planning to charter a private yacht resort for island-hopping with friends, a family escape, a romantic honeymoon or a business occasion, you'll find that budget considerations can compare quite favorably to a luxury resort.

Forget about reaching for your wallet. Essential to the sailing resort is its all-inclusive aspect covering expertly trained crew, personalized service, world-class chefs, food, drinks, activities, instruction, and all your carefree travel.