About Jim Raycroft - Photographer and Photo Journalist

Jim Raycroft Biography

Jim Raycroft is the man behind the lens for most of the fabulous marine photography that appears on this website. Jim has cruised the waters of some of the world’s most exotic destinations to capture these awe-inspiring shots. A professional marine, lifestyle and location photographer, Jim is one of the most experienced yachting photographers worldwide, respected in his field and with an extensive 25 year-strong portfolio under his belt.

Capturing amazing moments on yachts, cruise ships, resorts, and travel destinations, Jim Raycroft is often called upon to shoot luxury cars, properties, exotic food, stunning models and other glamorous subjects, all over the world. His work has featured in all of the major marine photography and yachting publications, including Showboats and Yachting International; and numerous internationally renowned lifestyle magazines, like National Geographic Traveler, Sail and the Washington Post Magazine.

Raycroft, a world-class yacht photographer, has an eye for detail and a talent that’s impossible to duplicate. He always manages to capture the essence of his subjects and instinctively uses just the right angles and lighting to make them come alive. The most outstanding marine photography you’ll come across on our website has been taken by Jim, who is also a superb travel writer. For us, he has covered some of the most remote yachting destinations, like Antarctica and Timor in Southeast Asia, and amazing cultural events like the carnival in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean.

Jim runs his business - Raycroft Photography - out of studios in both Boston and Ft. Lauderdale.

We are honored to have him as a business colleague and friend and express deep gratitude to him for his support of our business.