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Intergenerational Trips and Family Reunion Cruises

Today, more multi-generational families are traveling on vacation together – the grandparents, the parents, and the grandkids – maybe even an aunt or uncle thrown in the mix. It can be challenging to herd all of your relatives into a destination or experience with universal appeal – an intergenerational trip where guests can be as active or as passive as they choose and still remain together as a family. A trip that is meaningful and keeps everyone involved.

With the sheer amount of freedom, options, space and fun, we think there’s no better way to enjoy intergenerational travel than on the best family reunion cruises on our private yacht charters.

Family Reunion Cruises - Something for Young and Old Alike

A family reunion cruise in one of the most exotic corners of the world appeals to everyone, no matter how old they are. Kids adore the fun toys aboard a yacht, the multitude of watersports and active pursuits they have on offer while grandparents cherish watching the little ones squeal in delight and may even jump overboard for their own splash in the sea. Everyone loves indulging in sunbathing, sightseeing, gourmet feasting and swimming. Although we bet they would also love to join the grandkids on an adrenalin-pumping banana boat ride!

Togetherness – a Precious Luxury

In today’s world of fast-paced lives, it’s often challenging to enjoy quality time on intergenerational trips together. Even on vacation to faraway lands, the sheer amount of stimuli and crowds means that spending real time together, as a family, is almost impossible. On an intergenerational travel yacht charter, however, you get to really relish each other’s company, while still enjoying a myriad of exhilarating activities. Aboard one of the best family reunion cruises, you’ll share your precious space and time with no-one but your loved ones. And that is arguably the most priceless luxury of all.

Family Reunions - Tandem Yacht Charters

Most of our best family reunion cruises accommodate up to 12 guests so for families with larger groups, we recommend a tandem yacht charter which means chartering two or more yachts that sail together. This option gives you even more freedom and flexibility than a single yacht on intergenerational trips. You’ll not only have twice as many toys and twice as many crew members to ensure that everyone has a brilliant time, but also the option to organize double itineraries.

On such intergenerational trips, the kids can be entertained by one captain with fun activities in the surf on one yacht, while the grown-ups can have their own time alone on the other. You can easily decide to split up for a day, if you find people wishing to indulge in different activities. The adrenaline junkies in the family can play the afternoon away on the yacht’s toys while the shoppers can cast off for some treasure hunting of their own at some island boutiques. No stress, no compromises…no worries! Everyone gets to do what they want on their intergenerational trips.

Moreover, two chefs mean double the menu variety and super fun ideas for themed meals on your intergenerational travel. Organizing a kid’s night on one yacht, and adults only candlelit gourmet feast on the other, for example, is one of the incredible pros of tandem yacht chartering for family reunions.

Each nuclear family can have its own yacht along with some private family time.

The Right Yacht Charter

We’ll help you choose the best family reunion cruises that suits your family’s needs and desires. We offer luxury catamarans, sailing and motor yachts, in almost every corner of the globe. If opting for tandem charters, it helps to pick two similar boats, to ensure similar sailing abilities. Just let us know what you wish for your next sailing vacation and we’ll help you create a tailor-made experience that you’ll never forget.