Advantages of Yacht Charters During COVID 19 Times

Advantages of a Yacht Charter on COVID Times

No matter which medical expert you follow or news you listen to, the only fact that seems to be indisputable is that this current coronavirus situation won’t be coming to an end anytime soon. As the world slowly wakes from its quarantined slumber, so too does the yachting scene. We have been busier than ever during the pandemic. People view a yacht charter lavation alone of the safest travel options right now.

Among the far-too-many unknowns, we offer transparency, clear guidelines and safeguards, all aimed at helping you better understand what a yacht charter in COVID times is likely to entail.

How safe will a yacht charter be next Summer?

Yacht Charters - The ultimate in social distancing 

With the recent welcome announcements that several Covid 19 vaccines will become available in early 2021, travel guidelines will likely remain fluid. However, when it comes to health and well-being, superyachts have always trumped cruise ships of all sizes and the reasons, by now, are blatantly obvious. Carrying only a handful of people, whether friends or family, to remote islands for days and even weeks on end, a private superyacht is the ultimate isolation destination, and this is certainly not going to change next Summer . If anything, itineraries are set to include even more remote destinations, will probably include fewer on-shore excursions and will, instead, be focused much more on yacht-based activities. Travel with your loved ones and wish to be utterly antisocial with the rest of the world? On a yacht, you can!

Fewer people, fewer worries

With only a few crew members on board, yacht charters also limit the kind of external contact that can put you in harm’s way. Indeed, your exposure will be greater during your flight to the embarkation port than it could ever be during the actual charter. There are plenty of ways to limit your exposure during your transfer, however, and if you’re particularly concerned about this, private flights are always an option. On our end, we can organize private air and ground transport to and from the yacht, further increasing your safety and that of your loved ones.

The strictest COVID safeguards will be implemented 

Yachts ready to charter for 2020 will also be implementing safety procedures to safeguard both crew and guests, above and beyond what they normally do (which, in all honesty, is quite extensive). This will include a wide range of precautions such as thorough disinfection of the yacht before boarding and ongoing maintenance of the highest hygiene and safety levels during your charter – all with minimal disruption to your days of relaxation and exploration and all following international health guidelines pertaining to COVID infection. Read more about safeguards.

Keep to yourself? You can do that on a yacht charter

If all this isn’t enough, do note that private yacht charters offer bespoke itineraries where you are at the helm (figuratively speaking!) and can decide just how much on-shore contact want to have. Yachts are self-sufficient kingdoms in their own right and supplies can be delivered on-board without the need to disembark – the only time we do have to dock ashore is to refuel or if the weather-gods are temperamental – other than that, you’re totally free to never hop ashore if you simply don’t want to. Moreover, the whole itinerary is yours for the choosing: avoid crowded places if you want to, change plans at the last minute, and simply go where you wish.

COVID-specific yacht charter policies, for peace of mind

Several yachts are offering special cancellation/re-scheduling policies that are designed to protect you if COVID begins to rear its head again. Knowing you can safely book a yacht charter for the coming summer and still be entitled to postponement (and even cancellation in some instances) for COVID-related eventualities is a big deal ,and we endeavor to help you secure cover for your investment at this uncertain time. The yachting industry may well be intent on opening up its passerelles again but the priority, as always, is firmly placed on your well-being and your peace of mind.

The fun quotient is still unsurpassed

Luckily, a wide range of water toys, towable and inflatables will provide guests with all the entertainment they need, while also having the option to explore uninhabited islets and deserted beaches and bays. Superyachts have a clear advantage given their ample space and typically carry snorkel and SCUBA gear as well as SUP boards, kayaks, canoes and a wide range of inflatables like sea trampolines, slides, pools and entire blow-up islands, but can also carry sea-doos, jet skis, kitesurfs, water skis and fly-boards.

Yacht charters have traditionally been considered the best option for totally unplugged vacations and this has never been a more coveted bonus than during these trying COVID times. Everything is brought along for the adventure of a lifetime.  Although beach-side bars and shore excursions will still be available, we bet that sipping sundowners on the sun deck with chill-out music in the background, delicious nibblies at hand, all shared in the company of your loved ones, will be an even better alternative.

The best of all the vacation options this year? We think so!

Whether you’d normally be on a mega cruiser liner this summer, or perhaps were planning to book a luxury beachside vacation in a gorgeous resort or taking a sightseeing tip throughout Europe, we think a private luxury yacht charter really does offer the best of all the worlds. Our superyachts are bonafide floating 5-star resorts and can come with as many frills as you’d like: aside from private chefs ready to blow your taste buds away (part and parcel of luxury yacht charters), we have yachts offering on-board watersport or yoga instructors, SCUBA masters, masseuse, wellness therapists and (almost!) anything else you fancy. Naturally, any extra crew member will undergo the same rigorous COVID-related preventions all other crew will undertake so you can be safe knowing you’ll run no extra risks. 

In summer 2020, you can be sailing to an exotic destination away from all your worries, aboard a spectacular luxury yacht and accompanied by a world-class crew intent not only on making your yacht charter experience the very best adventure you’ve ever had, but also keeping you safe and healthy to boot.

Contact us to know more about yacht charters this coming summer in the USVI, the Bahamas, New England, Florida, Croatia, Alaska and more.