Why Use Ocean Getaways As Your Group's Yacht Charter Specialist ?

Knowledge of the Incentive Industry

Being a yacht charter agent, we have been operating yachting incentive programs for over 30 years and know the "ins and outs" of the incentive industry. No need to bring us up to speed. We know what you need and how important it is that every person is treated as a VIP. We also know that early on, you need us to respond quickly and thoroughly with detailed program design and guaranteed pricing.

We Offer Much More Than Yachts

Any yacht charter agent can set you free on yachts, but the yachts are just half of the equation. As a yacht charter specialist, we offer creative program design, customized itineraries and group activities, pre-program support, and most important of all, on-site operations. We are "hands on", and at least one of the owners of the company, and often both, accompany every group to oversee the logistics and operations. Just ask us for a proposal for your next group. You will see the Ocean Getaways' difference immediately.

We Plan For the Unexpected

Let's face it - things can and do go wrong. The key is to solve problems in the background and make the program still appear seamless to all of the guests. You need a creative problem solver onsite - a yacht charter specialist with extensive local knowledge who can pull things off quickly. We plan for numerous "what ifs" even before the group casts off. 

For example, what if we have a medical emergency at 3:00 a.m.? What if someone has to leave early? What if someone forgot her meds at home? What if a boat needs a spare part or a new pump?

What if a client wrapped a diamond necklace in a tissue and the crew left the trash in a dumpster in the last port of call? Well, that really happened and co-owner Brad Lavigne was at the Virgin Gorda dump until 4:00 a.m., sifting through trash bags. He found the necklace, and the guest was able to continue her great getaway. We will do whatever it takes - period!

Relationships With Local Suppliers and Authorities

Over the years, we have made a point to have the local people benefit from our business and have formed many deep business friendships. Our shoreside partners are willing to give 110% to us and are key to our success. We are usually able to arrange expedited Customs and Immigration clearances.

Our Relationships With the Crews

Most yacht charter agents know the crews from the annual boat shows. We do the shows as well where we may sit with a crew for a 30-minute interview. That is just not enough. How we really know them is from sailing with them on our groups. We see them "day in, day out" and see firsthand how they interact with our guests. Over the years, we have created deep bonds of mutual respect with crews that deliver the high level of service and fun that we expect. We excel at teamwork.

We Are Sailors and Experienced Former Charter Captain and Chef

Our crews appreciate that we once did their job. They know that our requests are based upon experience and that we create itineraries and group venues that make logistical sense. We know how to factor wind, weather, and seas into our programs. We know which anchorages will be reliable in all wind and weather conditions. This all translates into "count-on able" itineraries, activities, luxury yacht charter broker services, and most of all, smooth sailing for you. 

Experience and Track Record

30+ years of delivering luxury yacht charter broker services and corporate yachting and incentive programs. Thousands of delighted clients and guests. We know what it takes to make an extraordinary program. We think our client list speaks for itself.